Tryko Vs Thor v2

So due to all of the nerfs and buffs i wanted to make another battle between these two heavy hitters.So heres the following things we all wanna know for a fact, who does better in battle,who does better in raids,

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I would ay tryko is better (IMO)

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Trykosaurus does much better in PvP and decent in raids, but Thoradolosaur does better in PvP on certain occasions but it’s still not better. At first with group impact Thoradolosaur was way better for raids cause it could take out most minions with the help of a attack buffer but now that it has been changed to a rampage Thoradolosaur really is meh and has mostly been replaced by mortem in both PvP and raids.

So overall trykosaurus is better.

To go more into specific detail let’s see them both:

While yes Thor is better in both health, attack, and critical chance as well in terms of it priority move and also in terms of resistances, but trykosaurus has better armor, speed and just versatility. And its medium counter attack makes sure it does more damage than thor does each turn. So while Thoradolosaur does 2,550 per impact, 3,188 with a crit; tryko does 3,200 per impact plus a counter, 3,800 with one Crit on impact, 3,400 crit with the counter or 4,000 if it get double crits. Add to that it can cancel cunnings at an instant with either resilient impact or instant invincibility tryko is just so much better.

I mean look @Elephant_of_Surprise’s chart of the creatures on the top 100’s teams. Trykosaurus is on 97% of those teams with thor only being 69%

tyrkos armor is useless to thors moves. i say thor is marginally better

How?! And why? I mean Thoradolosaur can barely take out the things ist supposed to (resilient creatures especially top tier ones) and fierce creatures just beat it good also and it losses to every cunning creature. Granted tryko now looses to the two towers but it basically handle everything else and it does better and can even defeat a lot of cunning creatures. Thoradolosaur can really only counter legendary resilient creatures even then some can kill it.

So? Thor is slower and can’t really take 2 hits, especially from the 2 sauropods. Tryko has better tools to deal with every class and does better with the incomping apexes

Thor is better in raids, and even though group impact would be better, group rampage is usually just an extra turn to get the cycle going, so that’s where thor shines


i never said i was right, thats just my opinion

Even in a 1v1 matchup Thoradolosaur doesn’t beat trykosaurus, heck it doesn’t even beat diorajasaur half of the time while tryko hard counters it.

i crush those two all the time with my 21 thor. and i fight like 24 opponents most of the time

Honestly the problem is most raid it’s way better to kill the minions turn1, that way every attack is towards the boss. Before Thoradolosaur did do that job extremely well but now it’s kinda doesn’t and that why now a lot of people are using mortem a lot more cause it can do that turn 1 shattering group move add that with a tower GDR and that will almost take out both minions of every apex raid if not at least 1.

My sarco can 1-shot speed thors. That thing can’t take a hit

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good for you

That makes no sense unless it’s boosted and even then dioraj and tryko do way better boosted as well Ik cause I have one with 2,000 base damage now and it doesn’t 4,000 every impact while cleansing distraction and making sure I have speed advantage, and 5,000 with a rampage, and I’ve seen almost 2,000 attack diorajasaurs as well and considering it does what amounts to a rampage and then a devastation that way more out put than thor can ever do. Plus since their faster they can become even more nitro then thor ever can.

I mean my level 27 base thor lost to a level 21 Tenatorex. That’s how bad thor is and that’s including I stunned it with Instant charge turn 2

@ElEduardo I would like to know if trykos is top 5 or top 10 including the apex’s

I don’t think top 5. If so then it is #5. Def 10


Without boosts, Thor will lose to Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus at least 8-9/10 battles, easily.

With boosts, the only reason why Thor doesn’t lose to them is because of the speed advantage and it’s IC.

If Trykosaurus or Diorajasaur ever gained at least 67% Resistance to Stun, in a Boosted battle, Thor would be back to losing 8-9/10 battles to them.

Ergo, Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur are both better than Thor overall.

And then add if they have boosts it’s basically the same as if they didn’t have any

Tryko should get 4500 HP or 30% crit back ever since it lost resilient counter

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I’d prefer the health, tryko with 4.5k was perfect :ok_hand:

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