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Tryko Vs Thor v2

Ya but the problem would be it be too good like the beginning of 2.0

…No, it isn’t.

Because if the Stun sticks, like it usually does, Thor will regain the Speed advantage.

And Thor will almost always win IF it retains the Speed Advantage.

Yes. Unboosted Tryko has the speed advantage, but in the arena the majority of players boost Thor’s speed and the majority do not boost Tryko’s. I have never encountered a Thor that doesn’t have at least 111 speed. It’s one of those situations that needs to be accounted for.


If Raids, Then Thor does better in Raids. I feel if Thor would be better in raids, I would change its fierce impact to group Shattering impact, since it’s already 100% Resistance to vulnerable
But if PvP, then Trykosaurus is Still Better, maybe a tat bit, Unless if we include boosts, then Thor is better

Thw thing with that is tryko will win if hes faster 100& but hes slower and thor get’s a stun then yes thor wins but boosted it’s the same way becayse thor still have the speed but tryko still can kill it.

Tryko, hands down better in the arena and an ok choice for raids. Thor in arena isn’t very good, probably will be replaced by Mortem later on. It has ok raid viability but the group move having a delay really hurts it

True Thor used to be good but I mean like he still has the damage but he has to survive 1-2 hits to do that and most of the time your faceing Erlidoms with makes thor bad over all.Tryko has the same moves but better and this what makes him better and able to beat Thor.

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