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Please help! How can I beat Tryko?
I have a good team with all the Tyrants (but not Tryko) but i just lost to 27 Tryko, he defeated my 26 Dilo, 26 Utarinex and 25 Erlidominus…

Maybe a bleeder would help? I don’t know I’m not up there yet ^^’

Best counter is Tryostronix. Use RTC so it doesn’t get a counter attack on you and then DSR for the knock out (most of the time).


Also tenont or thor


Magna if you can

Thanks! I have Magna but at low level! I’ll try Tryostronix, haven’t tried that one yet!

Thor! in my experience Mr Chompy Chomps his way through the Tryko.

like “Chomp! Chomp!”

Best counter is tenoto, beats tryko anytime. Because neither thor nor tryo withstand tryko’s full crit rampage when it’s set up.