TrykoCarnage & CarnageClub are Recruiting!

TrykoCarnage and CarnageClub are recruiting!

Do you play hard and want to earn the top-tier rewards that go along with that? We are looking to add enthusiastic players for this coming season.

TrykoCarnage and 500 club have teamed up and we now operate as two groups under one umbrella, with TC being more competitively tourney-focused but both working hard to achieve great rewards while maintaining a fun and positive JWA experience.

TC is recruiting strong tourney players and CC has room for players who would like to grow their skills and build their teams. We want players who want to play; we trust our members to put forth the effort, and therefore do not require screenshots or daily proof of play.

Both alliances:

🦖 Sanctuaries: 4 level 20s built with an amazing co-op. One gets reconfigured during FIP bundle sales.

🦖 Raids: hardcore raiders, many with specialized dinos, happy to assist with any raid.

🦖 DNA donations: excellent donations including valuable/exclusive epic DNA.

🦖 Tourney streaming: we enjoy streaming to help each other learn strategy and hone skills.


🦖 Alliance Championship: consistent top 10 (usually top 5) placement. Tier 9 in 4 weeks, tier 10 in 5.

🦖 10/10 weekly missions.


🦖 Alliance Championship: tier 8 in 4 weeks, tier 9 in 5.

🦖 10/9 weekly missions.

What we are looking for:

🦖 Experienced players who want to be part of an all-around strong group. Teamwork and communication are essential, Discord required.

🦖 Preferably 1100+ average AC tournament points and arena trophies ~5800+ for TC; tourney takedowns+ and arena trophies ~4800+ for CC.

🦖 Long-term-minded players who want to be part of a well-rounded and engaging group.

DM me with your team, stats, and what you are looking for in an alliance/what you can bring to that alliance. You can also find me on Discord at Velo#0941, or message my co-leader at mewtwokilla#2548.


Hi I’m interested in joining this clan

I’m gonna send a Friend request in discord. And my Username in Discord is “IndoExp1”. And Username In game is Also “IndoExp1”. Nevermind sadly I don’t have a lot of Arena Trophies I only have 4350

Sadly we have a couple OGs leaving the game at the end of this season. But, this means we’ve got a couple spots for interested players who meet the requirements above. Please DM me if interested!

The best alliance I was ever a part of…if I played more than once or twice a week I’d be straight back.

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TC is recruiting for the upcoming season. We are looking particularly for tourney-focused players. If you’re very good in skill and just need time and support to build up your advantage teams, we may be the right fit for you. Message me for details :slight_smile:

I would like to join either can u send the leaders discord we can chat there

Hey @tryk0 , you can message me at Velo #0941 on Discord, and/or mewtwokilla at mewtwokilla #2548 :slight_smile: Thanks!

ok ill add them