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TrykoCarnage is Recruiting: 10/10, 3 lvl 20 sancs, Second Place in Championship (x2)

TrykoCarnage is looking to recruit two new members (due to two of our members becoming more casual and deciding to step down). We’re an active group of daily players and regularly have ~20 in the top 500. We hit 10/10 every week and have three level 20 co-op sanctuaries shared with a fantastic group of alliances. We all vote and the sanctuaries are planned accordingly. We help all our members get stronger by donating high-demand DNA like Irritator, Bary gen 2, Arambo, Quetz, Argentino, Dime, Echo, etc.

You: Team player with ~6000 last-season trophies (possibly negotiable for the right player), active daily, willing to donate and contribute to the weekly missions, and enthusiastic about tourneys/Alliance Championship. (Can we hit tier 10 this time??) Freeloaders don’t last long in our group; spoofers and rogue sanctuary droppers get kicked. We have a Discord channel where we chat, track donations, plan the sanctuary, etc. We will request that you join our Discord and are at least somewhat active on there as we value group cohesiveness and good communication.

Message me if you’re interested in joining or have any questions.


Top bunch of players. Strongly recommend. Australian approved.

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Thanks :grinning: We love working with you guys!

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Level 20. Active daily and a main contributor to my alliance (pretty much top darter etc.) Only at 5400 though.

Would love to link up with another alliance if for the sanctuaries as it’s a struggle with ours and it’s held my dino progress back.