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TrykoCarnage is Recruiting: Top Alliance, 10/10, 2 lvl 20 Sancs **RECRUITMENT CURRENTLY CLOSED**

TrykoCarnage is looking to recruit 2 new members (due to 2 of our members quitting the game recently). We’re an active group of daily players and regularly have 16-20 players in the top 500. We hit 10/10 every time, every week. We have 2 level 20 sanctuaries thanks to a very successful co-op sanctuary relationship. We help all our members get stronger by donating exclusive hard-to-get DNA like Irritator, Bary gen 2, Arambo, Quetz, Argentino, Dime, Echo, etc.

You: Team player with 6000+ current season trophies (possibly negotiable for the right player), active daily, willing to donate and contribute to the weekly missions. Freeloaders don’t last long in our group (spoofers and rogue sanctuary droppers get kicked on the spot). We have a Discord channel where we chat, track donations, plan the sanctuary, etc. We will request that you join our Discord and are at least somewhat active on there as group cohesiveness and good communication is our goal.

Message me if you’re interested in joining, or have any questions.


I only have around 5200-5400 trophies on average but if you look at my roster, I’ve still got a little ways to go via creature unlocks and creature levels. Many of my uniques are still only level 21 or not unlocked yet. I believe I am a rather skilled player with only two level 26 creatures on my team, and regularly fave off against players with level 29-30 creatures and still win enough to maintain the 5200-5400 trophy range. I play daily, usually using ay lease one or two scents a day, beat all daily missions, beat all available strikes, and get the daily battle incubator. I usually end up purchasing battle incubators so I can continue ur battling pvp with approximately 15-25 battles per day. I am alway active in the tournaments and was rank 88 in the tournament last week and have been in the top 500 for several tourneys prior to that. I currently started an alliance with two of my irl friends who don’t play too often and are around 1500 trophies and so every Sunday, I struggle to get sometimes close to a 1000 direct hits in order to bump us up from tier 3 to tier 4 so they can get the advantage of extra dna. There are a few extra people but none of them is a daily contributor. I was in a great alliance prior that got 10/10 and level 12-15 sanctuaries however when I purposely deleveled a while back to get Kentrosaurus dna in the 4th arena (or whichever arena it’s exclusively reward for) I was kicked as the original leader was leaving and the one who took over only spoke Japanese and I had no way of communicating to him that I merely deleveled and was not some low level straggler who somehow made it to the alliance.
I have seen players from TrykoCarnage when checking the leaderboards sbd I honestly always root for you to beat out ApexPredators. In fact, that is my ultimate goal and I hope by the time I have all level 30 creatures on my strike team, that I will be in the top 100 or at least the top 500. I play around 3-4 hours a day and have no problem contributing to the alliance members and doing my part to ensure tier 10 weekly incubators and also to the alliance points coming up from tournaments. I also don’t mind staying in communication on dischord or other messaging platforms. I hope that I get considered for a position in your alliance though I understand my trophy count may be a little lowered than desired, I still have many creature levels to obtain and feel when I do get those creature levels maxed out, I will easily be above 6000 trophies. So if I catch your eye as a great addition to your alliance, I sure hope you will communicate with me and let me know.

Cam I join I am a beginner

Sent you a DM

Hi Carno, I’m afraid we are looking for high-level players. However, if you’re not having much luck here on the forum I suggest you try the GamePress Discord page or the Jurassic World Alive Alliances Facebook page, there are a variety of alliances recruiting players of all levels.


I have 5900-6000 trophies but my Thor is only 121 speed- is that fast enough for your alliance?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
make it faster than a Velociraptor at least

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Translated From Japanese

I want to participate with my friends. There are over 6,000 trophies. I often do battles. I log in every day

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

I am very interested in this alliance. My friends and friends log in every day and do a lot of battles. I want to study and aim for more while the strong people are together. Japanese, but thank you.

Nice to meet you. Can I be Japanese? I want to join me and my friends. The number of trophies is over 6000 for both. I also love interacting with many people.

Recruitment currently closed. Thanks!

Hey mate,
I know that it states you are no longer recruiting. I have been thinking of jumping ship from my current alliance. Not sure how you qualify a high level player, but I have various dinos lv 30. Log in every day despite working in healthcare. Have a great Dilo, and tryko for raids. I am usually top 10 in tournaments. I was in the same tribe as LuckySpb.