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TrykoCarnage is Recruiting

TrykoCarnage is looking for a couple new members to join our family. We’re an active group of daily players. We regularly have ~15-20 in the top 500 and before the trophy reset had 28 6k+ trophy players. We placed second overall in the first two Alliance Championships and 7th/tier 10 in the one that just ended (we were solidly on track for easy tier 9 rewards prior to the previous tourney’s inflated scoring issues). We are a hard-working and organized group and hope to find like-minded players who want to be part of a fun team. Join us in the push for great rewards!

We will help you get stronger so you can reach your full potential by offering you:

  • 10/10 weekly rewards
  • 3 lvl 20 co-op sancs shared with an amazing group of alliances
  • Excellent DNA donations, even high-demand/exclusive
  • A fun group of knowledgeable players who enjoy discussing team building, strategy, and totally random stuff

We strive to strike a balance between being semi-hardcore and doing well without having insane or harsh rules and requirements. We’re all adults and understand that real life, jobs, and kids come first. We believe that playing the game and working together should be fun, not a chore.

You: Team player with ~5800 last-season trophies (possibly negotiable for the right player), active daily, willing to donate and contribute to the weekly missions, and enthusiastic about tourneys/Alliance Championship. Freeloaders don’t last long in our group; spoofers and rogue sanctuary droppers get kicked. We have a Discord channel where we chat, track donations, plan the sanctuary, etc. We will request that you join our Discord and are at least somewhat active on there as we value group cohesiveness and good communication.

Message me if you’re interested in joining or have any questions.


could i maybe join

I Am interested in joining. I’m level 20, 4808 trophies and I am active daily. I want to up my game and improve my Dinos. Any room for me?