TrykOrTreat needs some help! Who can bring the right Maxima? :)

Hi all,

We use the TIKA (Tuora-Irritator-Keratoporcus-Ardentismaxima) strategy in our alliance to defeat Hadros Lux. The only problem is the Ardentismaxima. We only have one with the right stats, so this person has to do a lot of raids. It would be nice if there’s somebody who love to raid and want to help us. So we can make more squads to raid.

Needed stats:
HP: 4578
ATK: +1700
Speed: 109 (the strat will not work with any boost on speed)

Do you think you’re the right one to help, please let me know! :slight_smile:

damn,sorry i was good on everything but i have 5 speed boosts in it.

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Thanks for looking on it! :slight_smile: That speed is exactly the main problem…also in our alliance… :sweat_smile:

My Maxima is 10/10/0. L30.

Guess my Maxima’s HP is too high…

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Would this one do? If so, just let me know and I’ll help

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@Isaah_Wii@fsufian - it’s just the speed which is the main issue - as it has to hit after Kera. … The only thing @fsufian is your atk stat, not sure if this would throw the strategy slightly … but if you both don’t mind helping that would be great … @Marlous

Actually, mine has base speed, so It would hit after kera given It isn’t slowed
My game id is SHOKU #6234, you can add me. If your group is talking on discord you could dm me with the link so we can organize it

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I’ve sent you a PM! :slight_smile:

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J’ai un ardentismaxima niv 26 boosté à fond
si tu me demandes en ami :blush:
Ccm6 #7157

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Translated From French

I have a fully boosted Lv 26 Ardentismaxima
if you ask me as a friend :blush:
Ccm6 # 7157

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