Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur counters?


Had the honor of fighting against both earlier and lost with flying colors :rofl: These two dinos are definitely way above my paygrade right now. What do you all use for their counters? I suspect I will probably be seeing more of them :sweat_smile:


Indoraptor whit luck if dodge the big attack and tryko isnt overleveled(25+).
Thw old dilobaro also serves me to counter triko, just distracting impact, superior strike(cause in this turn he will do instant invincibility 80% sure) and then stuning rampage and swap and tryko died only doing 1 attack, but the new dilonaro havent dmg for do that anymote so i guess deinocherus at same lvl than tryko can do the same now than old dilo.
High level triox can counter to 1vs 1, if 23+ lvl triox and tryko dont crit, just rtc and hope next attack is acrit for oneshot they


Trykosaurus counter is MasterCard and Diorajasaur’s counter is Visa.


In that case… my gigas counter is the Old Navy credit card you bought 10 years ago to get that extra 20% off your value-pack of boxer briefs :credit_card:


Suchotator, spino(both), spinotahsuchus, allosino, tryos, utahsino(maybe), pyrritator(maybe), indoraptor, magnapyrritor, diloracherus(maybe) and monomimus with good rng.


Gorgo for tryko


You people are funny with the credit cards being counters :rofl:

In all seriousness, my current team consists only of: Indoraptor (22), IndoRex (20), Pyrritator (19), Monomimus (19), Utahsinoraptor (20), Monostegotop (20), Tragodistis (22), and Stegodeus (24). How should I utilize my team against the likes of Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur or do I simply have no chance at all?


I think anything with distracting attacks or cripple would be a good way to go… stunners, cloakers and evaders as well


Tbh you have no chance now, your only counter to them is iraptor maybe monomimus if lucky. Utahsino and pyrritator need more lvl to be useful and if you dont mind lvl up them


Good advice except cloaker they invincibility


I just realized I could have screencapped my opponent’s team :rofl: As a follow-up question, in facing a line-up like the one below, is it the level of the dino that’s going to matter more than the actual dino itself? I haven’t been leveling my Utahsinoraptor because I wanted to save the dna to fuse for Utarinex.


If there are 1-4 lvl different “Level doesn’t matter” only applied when dino you used are direct counter to your opponent or your team and his team average level arent too much different.

  1. Average level of your team is 20.75 and his team is 22.5. Not too much you still have a chance
  2. As I said earlier

Iraptor is only direct counter
Monomimus need some luck
Utahsino and pyrritator are not direct counter, so 2-3 level different is a bit risky even at the same level if they can predicted your next move and caught you off guard then you lose again.
Sometimes level doesnt matter but with his higher average level than you and direct counter you have right now, I would say 70% of time you are most likely to lose


he level is important because it allows you more flexibility. The best example is the current overleveled stegodeus. Tryostronyx is a hard counter but since the tryo in the arena are in average at level 22/23 but stegodeus are in average at level 28 it makes the battle completely different. Stegodeus is going to win 95% of the time against one of its best counter ! It’s not a default, it’s just that it’s overleveled.

If you have same level dino (stegodeus level 22 against tryo level 22) then the hard counter will win 95% of the time. And this time you have less choice because if you have stegodeus against his tryo you will lose tempo.

The level is also important in versus, where the highest level starts first…in this case even 1 level makes the difference


Beat a Trykosaurus twice using only Monomimus.
The 1st one was that the player swapped-in a Tryko when his/her Dino was about to die.
The 2nd one was a head on clash between the two. I started with a mono and he/she started with
a Tryko. Got super lucky with the evasion, only Tryko’s counters went through.

So yeah, Monomimus is also a great counter on both of them, with its Debuff(50% off dmg) and her nullifying(they can’t use their Invincibility nor Dioraja’s defense, even if they use it, it’s just waste of a turn.)
And also, Just pray to RNG gods that your Evasion works. :rofl:

Btw if you’re wondering, my Monomimus is lvl 22(I recently got enough Gallimimus DNA that I got from an Incubator(700+ DNA in the Bonus incubator)to level her to 23). :wink:

And, did you know earlier. I swept(3-0) an entire Team(Stegodeus(24), Monomimus(19), Utasinoraptor(19) and Indoraptor(23)) using only Monomimus! :scream:

His/her opener was Stegodeus, mine was Monomimus. When his/her Stegodeus was about to die he/she swap out, put his monomimus(dead), then Utahsinoraptor(dead) and then his/her Indoraptor(dead)
I was able to evade most of his/her team’s hard hits.
I believe the player I met was “Wheeljack213”. I’m really sorry. Blame the RNG Gods not me. :sob:

All hail Great Monomimus! :heart_eyes:


Side note… this player should have a rank at that level and with that team.

Makes you wonder why they don’t… :male_detective:t4:‍♂️