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Trykosaurus Created



How did you manage to get so many dino coins and cash? I’m surprised you didn’t have Tryko already with all those resources. :wink:


Omg I just looked at his resources, that man is a hoarder!


Many L4 players are the same, I have only levelled up one dino in the past 2 months, there aren’t anything good around here.

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Having coins but nothing to use it on is a problem i know nothing about.

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I can level up many dinos but it’s just not worth the coins. Dioraja and tuora, I can get them to around lv 28 from creation level, but I wouldn’t put them on the team until they get a pretty sizable buff.


Lol, I wasnt trying to insult you or anything was just stating its a problem i have yet to experience… i need to level up so much… just spent 80k getting thor to 24… need another 60k to level erlidom, another 80k to level rex and spikey potato… so i can begin tryko fuses. Thats not even counting stuff like touja so if a buff comes their ready. Your problem would be a nice change… lol