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Trykosaurus feels...underwhelming


Just got my Trykosaurus completed this weekend (even got enough boost for level 22!) and ever since creating it, it just keeps feeling like it’s falling short. Even against the likes of Allosinosaurus, a Legendary, it gets out matched in speed and strategy. I feel like after working on, what I feel, is one of the hardest Uniques to obtain it should feel more satisfying to use than it is. Maybe Ludia could consider upping its Counter-Attack up from x.25 damage to x.50? Maybe I’m not utilizing in Trykosaurus properly, I don’t know, what’s everyone else’s thoughts on it?


If you don’t like it, I’ll have it.


Didn’t say I didn’t like it, just that I thought it fell short and could maybe be revisited in making some minor stat adjustments

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Most of the uniques are underwhelming man. I have no idea why they’re all so trash. Even Indo is a dice roll . I’m finding it’s better to level the legendaries.


Agreed. I made tuoramoloch and it’s junk. I have a second game and I’m trying to make all level 30 epics! haha! I remember those bots handing me my ***!

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I have a Trykosaurus at level 24 and let’s just say I wish I had used my TRex dna to level up my IRex and my Ankylosaurus dna to level Rajakylosaurus instead

Trykosaurus can be useful but she needs to be overleveled to show her true potential. And no, level 24 isn’t cutting the cheese yet :sob:


That is a bummer to hear because it’s my next unique at 190/250. When I first started I thought that’d be the holy grail of fun. Apparently not. Not living in other zones means a while before a few other uniques. Non rotating zone spawns and repeat events are absolutely draining all the fun out of this game.


Her biggest weakness is her speed. If Ludia will buff that up, it would make a big difference. It won’t make her OP, but would actually make her balanced. As it is right now, you need to level her up just so that she can have enough HP to survive some hits before it’s her turn to get hers in.

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I agree, it’s speed could use a buff. Even in its description, “…It’s also more agile than either[T. Rex & Ankylosaurus], since it is able to use its club tail as a ballast when running at top speed.” T. Rex has 102 speed, Ankylosaurus has 116 speed leading to Trykosaurus with…102 speed. What?! How does that make sense :joy: if they wanted to give it somewhat any credibility to that description, a speed buff to somewhere between 106-108 would be the only logical solution. Or, ya know, change it’s .25x counter attack to .5x


I dunno, mines level 22 and I’m ranked 66 overall. She works well for me and I think she’s doing just fine in her roll.


I guess being ranked 5th she just doesn’t feel like a contender to my squad


Dude, she’s 6 levels behind some of your Dino’s… level is everything in this game. If she gets balanced to kill things 6 levels above her, then she will be unstoppable to any dino when she’s hit max level


Even with Dinos at her level she’s still questionable. Indo, Utarinex, Diloracheirus, Monomimus, Magnapyritor, Allosinosaurus, Tryostronix, Monostegotops. All those dinos at her level make her power feel very underwhelming, add in the factor that Anky & Kentro’s are some of the hardest Epics to come by

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Yeah, I’ll agree it’s tough to get the dna for it, but most of your examples are fast hard hitters. Similarly non hybrid raptors defeat the non hybridized Trex
Also as for allosino… it just got buffed by getting shield breaks and a faster stun charge. It became a far more deadly opponent in general with 1.4


Guys guys … I’m ranked like 350-something.
Don’t be impressed all at once, I’ll sign autographs later … but my equally leveled gorgo (an epic mind you) brought down this unique.

It’s description and moveset are attractive but the fact that you can only use strike or invincibility first (and lose a turn… sure you have 0.25 counter but still)
Just doesn’t seem to make it viable against the competition.

There are easier to attain Dinos that can do an equally well job for this role.


Mine is on the bench. I am not impressed it’s also too hard to level up.

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I honestly just might have to bench mine…so sad


again… gorgo is designed to defeat slow tank Dino’s. It will have one of the highest buffed piercing rampages in the game.


They only give you one option as your first move which is crap as well.


My assumption is this is to counteract the fact that other than a 100 damage drop from TRex… it’s better in every other way. The Trex gets a 1.5 impact option to start