Trykosaurus instant shield bug

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Bug Description: Just found another bug in this game: utarinex vs tryko -> tryko does instant shield and rinex does rampage run (to erlido) -> in the next turn the shield is still on and erlido cant get through the shield. So the shield was on for 2 turns against the rampage and run and against the first move of erlido. Anyone experienced this before?

Area is was found in: arena battles in aviary

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- start battle against tryko. Fore the rest of the steps, see in description
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: every time against tryko

What type of device are you using:
Android samsung galaxy S model
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) fix this bug.

Hey Sherwin, we’ve received reports of this before and our team is currently looking into it.


Thanks, Ned

Swap in Invincibility also has this problem.

It’s not just tryko. its any dino with instant invincibility. If you use InstaInvin when your opponent uses any hit and run attack(not just rinex) it stays up for the first attack of the next dino that comes in as well.

Very documented glitch. Very well known by many. Typical ludia fashion, they take forever to fix it


It also happens with evasive and sia dodge - they all last a turn longer when hit&run is used on them.


Thanks for letting know as well, @qwertz0815. If you could make a bug report like the one Sherwin had made, our team would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Hi Ned,

all these bugs have been reported by themselves and within all the other bug reports within the topicline several times already.

The thing is: It’s not really an “instant Shield or dodge or evasive” bug, it rather is a “hit & run” bug.

The bug is always the same.

Using Hit & Run on either instant invincibility, evasive or sia dodge (maybe even other “protective” moves) will cause theses moves to last one turn longer than intended (or the hit & run isn’t counted as “attack/turn”)

It might even apply to normal shields (over 2/3 turns) as well - It’s just hard to tell, because you would most likely already have used a shield breaking attack with the swapped in dino, before you would find out/be able to verify.

That is something, you guys would have to check out.



Hi! Adding my report as well

Bug Description: After using any move with a built-in swap (& run moves + swoops), any buffs the opponent had with a duration based on the swapping creature’s turns (dodges, shields) gets extended duration.

Area it was found in: Arena battles

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - After the opponent deploys a defensive buff on itself (even on the same turn, if the swap has a slower activation than the defensive move), and before it expires, swap out using a skill.
Step 2 - Play normally until the turn the buff should expire
Step 3 - See the Buff is still active
Step 4 - Ensure it’s not just a visual bug

How often does it happen: Every time a creature swaps out using a skill while the opponent has an active defensive buff.

What type of device are you using:
Motorola Moto G4+ (Android 7.0)

Anything else?
This bug is making it impossible for me to enjoy the arena, as I have a team that is heavily reliant on swap moves and I refuse to spend boosts on other dinos just as a stopgap measure until this issue gets fixed.

Hi Ned, it has been quite a while and in the meantime 1.8 update has been released…still this issue exist. How long will it take for Ludia to resolve this?


Hey Sherwin, our team is still actively working on addressing this issue.