Trykosaurus is dead as Tenontorex comes!


  • “I want my T. Rex-equivalent to be faster. How can I do that?” Mix enough Tenontosaurus DNA to your Tyrannolophosaur, and you get the Unique superhybrid : Tenontorex! The Tenontorex eschews the usual anti-tank basic attack Defense Shattering Strike for a versatile Superiority Strike in order to get ahead of the pack in the speed department. It can also withstand the opponent’s onslaught thanks to its Distracting Impact . With its high damage, high critical hit chance and high HP amount, this anti-tank Unique obviously comes with the mandatory Defense Shattering Impact and Rampage abilities.
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I dunno, I have Tryko now and it it’s already made, so it will be a while before it gets removed from my team. IF I even decide to remove it with the changes coming

that tyrannopholasaurus or whatever its spelled lol looks like he might handle a tryko

That is my aspired creation along with tryo

Allsoino already kills tryko head to head :man_shrugging:

tryko is faster then allsino now though

Yea when this update goes live it helps tryko a ton. Faster than stegod indom rex gigaspike allosino etc

I meant rn :sweat_smile:

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wont be faster then my giga. speed buffed to 109

Well got a spinotasuchus and a tryo looking to be unlocked and join the party ready for the update where i then want the beasty trex dilo gen 2 combo to form my nicely balanced team

Didnt even notice that. Good call

Teno doesn’t preserve the look of a T-Rex??!!

anyone know the stat of tenontorex???

speed, damage?

i do not sorry

Tryko is maybe the best dino in the game now.

I think thats up for debate, but def agree top 2 of what we know so far.

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I agree but lol at threads started with an epitaph for Trykos tombstone today.


I am just doing fine with the tryko this update. In fact I love the tryko more than the one to come. I remember using ankyntro against other dinos always make me want to throw up. You keep your brain revving to not die having nothing done. The tryko in next version may as well adapt that style, let alone facing them immune creatures. Hope I’m wrong

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Lol agree :+1:

Im slightly sad its not in my future. Its soooo strong.

can someone make a winners thread?