Trykosaurus is not Overpowered and doesn't need to be nerfed in any way

I constantly see people whinging about Trykosaurus being OP.

Short answer, it’s not.

Long answer, yes the Trykosaurus is very powerful as it should be, it is one of Two Super Hybrid in the game to require all Epic DNA (that i know of) and thus should be one of the top tier dinos. (Smilonemys needs a buff) It has its weaknesses the same as any other dinosaur in the game, to defeat it when i come across it i tend to use Tenontorex, Erlidominus or Thoradolosaur, i dont even have Trykosaurus and i want to get it soon.

I hope that the devs do not listen to the “Nerf Tryko” crowd that cant handle a dino being better than others. i dont wish for another Ardentis over nerf to happen, in my honest opinion, i beleive that the Tryko could actually do with the buff to its health or return the slowing anti dodge counter attack back.

These are my opinions on the matter. Please no hate, if you want to reply please be respectful in your argument.

Thank you
Happy Hunting fellow JWA players


Not that I want a nerf but Smilonymes is also a all epic creature and its not as powerful. Also how do you beat tryko with erlidom? In the end all I want is a Nymes buff but your right tryko doesn’t need a nerf.

Tryko must have damage already when attacked with Erlidom. If not, Erlidom is a suicide lead cause its only gonna get off 1 rampage and then die

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i would love for a Smilonemys buff aswell, it desperately needs it. i have it at 24 (could be 26) but completely forgot about it, as for how with Erlidom,
i have its health and damage boosted a bunch but i use the distraction as the opponent will tend to open with its impact against Erlidom im guessing its because its main 2 things are cloak an distraction to open with i then cloak, rampage, assuming i survive, usually works. not all the time depending on the Tryko im facing, its not fool proof by any means but it can help alot.

Wow your erlidom must have a good amount of health. Usually I go for distraction and then cloak but before my rampage the opponent Shields against it and then ruins me. Tbh smilonymes has a decent match up against it if played right too but against anything else that can pierce armor Nymes falls flat even though its 50% cunning.

Erlidominus and Thoradolosaur aren’t actually very good against Trykosaurus but Tenontorex is definitely a good counter.
I can’t say I see a lot of people asking for Tryko nerfs, so I’m not sure what that’s about.

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it has 4764 health, 15 health boosts an level 27, im not sure why so many dont shield my rampage, some do, not all

Smil needs a damage boost first an foremost and its pounce. part of me says keep it but the rampage an run, id rather it be an APR or DSR, either of those would catapult it from meh to pretty damn good IMO

ive seen a quite a few over the last few weeks and even more during the Ardentis meta

also alot of Tryko players use the invince when i cloak expecting a rampage

How old are those posts? Back when Trykosaurus had Resilient Impact together with Resilient Counter there were definitely a lot of complaints, but after it lost Resilient Counter they almost completely died down.

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if i can find them again i will link them to you

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You needn’t bother, it doesn’t really matter anyway. While there are issues with the meta that involve Trykosaurus, I highly doubt the majority of players consider it overpowered right now, considering it’s health is so low.

I think tryko is fairly balanced at the moment if anything maybe a tad under powered. But it shouldn’t even be remotely close to a priority as it’s still pretty much an auto include on most teams.

Max meta tryko and current tryko aren’t even in the same weight class so any posts from 2.0 asking for tryko to be nerfed are irrelevant since it was nerfed and is still on most teams. Might be Ludias most surgical nerf yet.

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I think tryko is very well-balanced now. It does not need the slowing counter back – that counter made all of the cunnings even more irrelevant. Now they still lose, but they can at least get a hit in.

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Yeah I Agree it doesn’t need it’s counter back but if they do want to give it back then they should remove replace resilient impact with slowing impact.


smilonemys:am I a joke to you


i completely forgot about Smilonemys as i stated in a previous reply, but yes, Smilonemys is a joke to me, a joke of a Unique in desperate need of a buff/rework

What do you mean by get a hit in? They already do unless tryko is Nitro boosted (Unlikely, due to counter attack potential) They would have already attacked, so it wouldn’t do anything. However, I’m more in line with the Give the MRCA, Change the RI to Decel Impact. A chomper should not cleanse distraction.

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I think that you’re seeing a lot of people asking for counter back IN EXCHANGE for the loss of distraction cleansing. It gives tryko a lot of flavor while still being an awesome creature. @Isaah_Wii had a whole thread about it


well considering what you have to use to create Tryko it makes sense that it has the Res Impact