Trykosaurus love

Just following up on my past posts that Trykosaurus could use some more love, whether be speed, an improved counter, or a swap-in effect. Something. Hope this gets to you well, Ludia


Attached is a post pertaining to some ideas to consider


Apatosaurus is slower.

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IIt‘s kinda ironic because in the German description it‘s written that she‘s way more agile/faster than ankyntrosaurus and rexy.
But in fact, she‘s even slower than rexy. Doesn‘t make sense for me.

Ok, it’s the 2nd slowest in the game, but slowest you’re going actually come across in competitive PvP

Swap-in DS strike will sound more iconic. I see no way tryko don’t deserve an attack-wise swap-in ability. Right at the time allosino outmatch her every step along the way. A remake should be put on their list

I agree… it needs a lot of tweaking!

And for people stating apato is slower: you really can’t compare one of the most ubiquitous Dinos in the game with a unique composed of three epics … lol, they shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. :sauropod::t_rex:

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Its not just tryko. Im finding more and more that most uniques kind of suck and are very, very underwhelming save for two of them.

Indo and dilorachi are very good. The rest are just meh, especially dioraja, what a disappointment she was, along with tryko, who was also very dissapointing…


If I were to rank the best Uniques (note: this is simply my take), I would probably place them as the following:

  1. Utarinex
  2. Indoraptor
  3. Diloracheirus
  4. Magnapyritor
  5. Diorajasaur
  6. Erlidominus
  7. Trykosaurus
  8. Tuoramoloch (that nerf was BRUTAL)

Basically the Uniques after Magnapyritor feel more underwhelming than they should. I think Erlidominus’ kit should just be redone, and Diorajasaur should have Long Protection. Give Tuoramoloch it’s damage back and either make Magnapyritor the fastest Dino or give it some bulk then we should be in business, but being as slow as Tryk is it needs SOMETHING to show off it’s brutality

while we’re at it… please buff erlidominus HP. no reason a lvl 23 unique should have 2500 HP. it could have 1000 more and still not be OP.


he may be slow but can eat a half of a team up.

Not when he dies before he can get a 2nd hit off

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by which dino?

my gorgo :smile:


Tryostronix, Indoraptor, Monomimus, Magnapyritor, Allosinosaurus, Gorgosuchus, Utarinex, just the several that come to mind, and that’s not including all the dinos that would use distractions or stuns on her.

Hell, including a high level Trex, which is not difficult to pull off at all. Trykosaurus is one of the hardest dinos in the game to make, only being less difficult than Magnapyritor & Tuoramoloch, considering 2 of 3 it’s core ingredients are some of the hardest Epics in the game to come by


its stats made me really sad, it looks really cool and has the makings of a beast but there are just way tooo many ways to bring it to its knees.

obviously is speed is terrible, but i think the low counter-attack is pretty weak too.
If there was a little more emphasis on the kentro part (SS or thagomizer) i think itd make tryko at leaast a little better

yeah, gorgo is crazy if you use it right. mines 24, almost 25 and puts in work even as an epic. now that spinotasuchus seems like it’s going to be crazy good, i’ll probably stop at 25 and put all kapro into that, but gorgo will still have a place on the team for a while.

tryk seems like one i’ll unlock just to have it, but leave at 21. and i don’t want to waste it being unlocked 120/250, but the trex DNA is better used on indoraptor and anky on diorajasaur.

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Well and that’s my thing, my Indoraptor is done and Erlikosaurus is so hard to come by that it’s not even level 20 for me to start Erlidominus. Trykosaurus seems like the only plausible venue.

I WANT Trykosaurus to be really good. Truly, I do. It’s such a great designed Dino, but it just needs some extra love, and I’m going to keep insisting/bringing it up on these forums until Ludia decides to do something about it