Trykosaurus needs that BUFF

Dude you guys need to buff Tryko give her back her slow and raise her crit to 30%. In fact raise the damage of her damn counter bite as well. How is skoona ok with that op damage and resistances and do slow. Its bs buff tryko


Tryko & some of the creatures which were introduced in v1.x are long forgotten, while the creatures of v2.x stump all over them. Ludia should revisit the 1.x creatures and adjust the movesets/resistances accordingly so 1.x & 2.x balances each other.


Just replace it - cus Ludia won’t be giving her back it’s slow anytime soon …as for skoona

Op damage ? I don’t think so .


6k damage in turn one from a creature with almost 9k health and 30% armor is not OP?


Tryko is perfectly fine as it is.

It just looks mediocre as most of the newly released or buffed creatures are completely broken :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Tryko is completely nonviable as it is. Strong hybrid but not usable.
It’s not fine as it is…


Sure, a lot of creatures are not viable at the moment. It is not only Tryko. The same goes for Tenonto, Magna, Dio, Erliko, Compy, Erlidom, Indo, Smilo and many more.

But this does not mean that they do need a buff.

Currently we maybe have 8 creatures that are problematic. Let’s focus on them. This is much easier than to buff the many creatures that have become irrelevant because of the 8-9 problematic ones.

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So we want to see repeats of what we had way back?
What’s the point of that when the dinos that had their day have made way for the newer meta?

I don’t disagree that the constantly changing meta with new creatures every month or two makes for a power creep that only the elite can keep up with. But it’s every players choice to invest their time or money to keep up or not.

I have three accounts and they all reside in Gyro. There is little to choose between them, and I don’t spend much money at all. Sure I spend a huge amount of time playing as I’m retired now, but my third account which is a full 18 months newer than the other two is keeping up with the other two. I have never spent any money on this one. It keeps up because it is more relevant and I haven’t even built Tryko, tenontorex or some of the other older dinos.

The game needs to be kept fresh to keep us older players interested. How long would we play if our team was the same as it was last year, the year before that or even older?
If the original elite dinos were just as good as the current meta we wouldn’t bother hunting for new dna or raiding new apex dinos.


Indeed! I want all creatures to be viable so I can choose my style and not be dictated by Ludia when to change my whole team because they feel like making 8 creatures completely useless to replace them for another fresh ones you need to pay for :slight_smile:

If I buy a bike, I expect it to still ride the road when the next model drops 6 months later.
When I buy a phone, I expect it to receive texts and calls when the newest model drops 5 months later :man_shrugging:

I’m sure Ludia could do this, if they wanted. and still keep new creaturess coming up to freshen up the game. It’s called balance, I heard :wink:


Guess there then are different views on what keeps the game interesting.

Personally I prefer variety in PVP over the constantly changing end-game meta. Low (Up to Aviary) / Mid (Library & Gyro) arenas are still relatively OKish. There you still see creatures like Gemini, Tryko and others.
Its the Shores / End-game where it really is getting boring. Have been there since a relatively long time and staying up there is not really a problem. Even without spending too much time and money.

But what for? Every battle is exactly the same. Every team is more or less the same.
After more than a year in the Shores I now took the decision to drop some arenas. Simply to see some other creatures…


Ironically, I’ve seen a couple of Trykos in shores. Def seen them in Gyro and they were actually frustrating. This was literally before MR received his priority buff.

Anyway, Ludia is trying to hell things viable for all. New meta Dino’s are given out like Candy. New players are flying to the top of the ranks by sticking with the newer creatures.

Nostalgia seems to be a choice.

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Ludia is almost never going to change the old creatures unless it somehow gets super op.

I get what you are saying, but using your example one can see perfectly the way it is.

If my phone from 4 years ago was as good or better than the new phones that are launched every year, I wouldn’t buy a new one. Every year the phones are improved, so people with the means to afford new ones get to enjoy the better models. Same with bikes, cars, televisions, etc……

The old ones still work, but aren’t as good as the new ones and it’s exactly the same with the dinos in this game. Why should it be any different?

And to be fair, you don’t need to spend money to raid for dinos, and they are becoming more relevant again. IDGT shows all kinds of dinos can be relevant if the team is balanced. I actually still use Tryko in Gyro on one account but will replace it with Hydra Boa soon.

I agree with you @Samzilla and as I’ve said previously I love seeing IDGT trying out different teams.

It’s our choice to invest our time, effort and in some cases money on what we want.

I’ve seen players who have played for less than half the time I have overtake me in pvp because they follow the meta and have teams that fare better than mine. But their teams are a slightly lower and less boosted version of the top 100 teams. Entirely predictable and one may say boring with little or no variety.

Because I invested heavily in Gemini, Tryko and Monolorhino I have been stuck with them as they are fully boosted. I will strip a set of boosts after this tourney from one of them and invest them in two newer dinos one being the apex snake and the other will be a wildcard to keep it interesting. I’m not sure what yet, but when I get more tokens I will strip more and replace older dinos again. It keeps the game fresh and more interesting and I’m kind of glad Ludia do things the way they do to keep it interesting if I’m honest.

In my opinion tryko does need a buff, the fact that it’s fused with 3 epics and is worse than phorurex is pretty sad, especially considering 2 of them aren’t that easy to get

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I’m not saying tryko should be as powerful as it was before but I feel a little buff would be nice

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What do you think about this

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Not bad

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Instead of medium decelerating counter, i would suggest medium resilient counter.

Ludia should atleast add/revamp 1 moveset of older uniques with secure/threatened state which attacks differently based on their state, as like the newer uniques, coz some of the older movesets are pretty bland.

Yeah but I think Trykosaurus deserves some speed control