Trykosaurus not completing move

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Bug Description: Trykosaurys not competing move after counter

Area is was found in:PVP battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen:When counter

What type of device are you using:Android

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Was battling a Trykosaurus vs a Phorusaura. The Phorusara selected Delayed Rampage and run. After the attack, the Trykosaurus did it’s Medium counter attack which killed the Phorusaura before it escaped, when the new dinosaur came in, the Trykosaurus’s selected Defense Shattering Rampage did not hit the new dinosaur that came in as the result of the Phorusaura’s Delayed Rampage and Run

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This seems correct to me. Phorusaura died so he never ran. Therefore the opponent had to pick a new dino and a new round started.