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Trykosaurus or Allosinosaurus?


If you can only have one on your team, which one is a better option and why?

And if you have both, would it be overkill to have them both in your team?


Trykosaurus, it’s not even a debate. Trykosaurus has both Defense Shattering Rampage and Armor Piercing Rampage. She also has 30% (!!!) armor despite being a T. Rex hybrid, counter-attack (cause why not apparently)… And even Instant invincibility. :joy:

Meanwhile Allosinosaurus has just Impacts, has 15% armor, no counter-attack… You could argue about having instant-charge on a Rex class dinosaur is possibly better than an invincibility (since you are there to crack tanks, not taking blows), but Trykosaurus is objectively better.

Now having both on a team is great, especially against all the Noobodeuses and Tragobeachtises.


How does one work with Tryko’s speed? Slowpoke inherited TRex’s infamous snail speed so I almost feel like I need to over-level her a bit for her to survive a few hits and stuns before she dishes out her own damage. :joy:

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Faced one today (tryko 21) and it did as expected …

opponent brought her out and my powered up gorgo (21) finished her off in two hits


They totally used the wrong dino for Gorgosuchus :rofl:

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The more I see trykos, rajankys, and ankyntros… (probably applies for diorajas too)
the more I love my gorgo…

Haha, I have a feeling it’s going on the forever team :heart_eyes:


I’m tempted to level up my Gorgo from 15 now. Is it just me or does Gorgo’s attack looks a bit like a cartoon cat doing a scratch attack? :joy_cat:

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i choose trex… wait thats not an option


him and megalosuchus used to be dj’s :grin:

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After indoraptor… I think it’s the next fastest with defense shattering rampage (tied with tryox)


I can’t seem to get Tryostronix to work well. RTC is hard for me to guess :rofl: I’m seriously thinking about leveling my IndoRex past 20 :scream_cat:


posti out of the convo?


Yah, I gave up on tryox at level 17… there’s still a little extra dna sitting around there but it wasn’t fast to level up where I am and still have it keep up with the rest of the team


I’ve never seen a Postimetrodon in the wild ever for as long as I’ve played this game :joy:


i have a few times

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I got her to level 23 and gave up. Dimetrodon dna is very hard to come by, makes more sense for me to try to level her up from 10 to 20 for Diorajasaur later


I loved my posti!!
Its speed was great (especially with immunity) but the attack just didn’t seem to do much.
At higher levels I’m sure it’d be fine (I stopped mine at 19 when I was considering tryox but it was a moot point cuz it made room for indoraptor on the team)


one member here had like a lvl 27 and it whooped a tryko


Soo… I used to be in love with tryko on paper… but I think it’s one of those “kill and be killed” players.

At first I was thinking of saving up anky dna to make one, but now I’d rather save T. rex dna and just keep growing the “induo”


Side note… I actually saw both a gorgo and a posti in the wild this week… first time that’s happened for either since early summer!