Trykosaurus question

Maybe someone can make sense out of game play mechanics for the trykosaurus.

My opponent has a tryk on the board with only 500 HP remaining and just took down one of my dinos. We both need one kill to win.

I bring my tryk who doesn’t have 100% HP but still at a lil over 3500 HP. My tryk is also faster.

I use priority distraction. He uses priority distraction. I use 2X attack and hit with a critical and does 450 HP damage.

He does the same move and gets full damage as if I never used distraction.

Why did my distraction wear off while his didn’t? We both did distraction in the same round and we both did 2X attack the next round… I would expect the same results!

Thanks JWA community

Whoever used instant distraction first is still distracted, the other dino then using instant distraction isn’t distracted for that turn


Because you were faster. You acted first on ID. Then he went. So it basically nulled your ID because he attacked or performed a move while being distracted. But you did not because you acted first. So your next turn(DSR) was distracted while his counter attack and strike attack were not


—why to not speed boost tryko alot.—
I’m not planning on taking mine past 119


Technically speaking he made a strategic error. Being faster meant he shouldve attack, if his opponent ID’d he would deal damage and be guaranteed the win next turn. Being the faster Tryko is almost always advantageous

you’re the one still distracted the next turn if you were faster.
Player (uses id) -> Opponent (takes id)
in that same turn,
Opponent (uses id,) -> Player (takes id, lasts for 1 turn so is still distracted)

You atk, he uses ID, next turn youre still faster and have ID available in a pinch. If youre faster ypur opponent HAS to use ID or theyre dead and next turn cant use it anyway

His instant distraction “consumed” yours, so you were distracted while he was no longer. When it comes to distractions its best to wait till the last second and use it. Sucks having to do that and it wastes time but its the way things work sadly.

Edit: Just seen you were faster so thats why, but what I said applies in same speed situations.

This is why I don’t speed boost my Tryko or Dio :slight_smile: I want to be slowest!

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