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Trykosaurus rework

If I gave Trykosaurus a rework, this is what it’d be.

Current Trykosaurus
4200 HP
1550 Attack
108 Speed
20% Crit Chance
30% Armor
Fierce Strike
Resilient Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Instant Invincibility Taunt
Medium Resilient Counter-Attack

Rework Trykosaurus
4500 HP
1500 Attack
30% Crit Chance
30% Armor
Fierce Strike
Taunting Rampage
Fierce Rampage
Instant Invincibility Taunt
Medium Counter Attack

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The additional rampage is great but I prefer Tryko having a counter-attack. :slight_smile:


honestly, tryko just needs to lose decel counter, that way it can be defeated by things like spinotah.

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ok, ned

It would have a very weak t1 would probably get killed easily.

1.14 tryko did too

Stats: HP: 4’500; damage: 1’600; speed: 106; armor: 20% crit: 30% Moves: fierce strike; Defense shattering rampage; group taunting shields; instant invincibility taunt. Passive Abilities: minimal counter-attack Resistances: vulnerability (100%)

I want tryko without resilient abilities

Excuse me when?

id say leave most as is. change resilient impact to decel impacat.
it can’t cleanse distraction, but it can still act like a tank and slow opponents. Its counter will only remove dodge if you actually attack it, so things with cloak/ evasive stance won’t have those abilities nullified immediately.


Well it’s made out two resilient creatures… it’s like saying not letting maxima slow even tho 2/3 of it’s ingredients have slowing moves


in 1.14, Tryko had DSS and ID Turn 1

Ya but I mean the being killed easy part: and sure while tryko has bad turn one damage it also had like you said ID so it didn’t matter unless your facing something immune to it or that can cleanse

ID is a pretty good ability.

I didn’t mean that

Ya now imagine it’s back on tryko now that it mean 0 damage turn 1… that’s crazy

Tryko would crazy powerful if it had ID now on top of the 2 turn instant invincibility some creatures mainly cunning couldn’t even do damage too it.

The best would be honestly @Qiew said just leave it with the resilient counter being it only way to remove cloak/dodge… and give it another slowing move like decel impact, or thagomizer, or slowing. Leaves it counterable to speedsters/distractions/ dodgers since they can now distract but the resilient moves mean tryko won’t go down without a fight. Then like you suggested raise the health back to 4.5 k to compisate for the cleansing loss


I agree with that suggestion.

It would be less powerful than current Tryko