Trykosaurus suck


My lev 24 tryko have just been humiliated by a commun dino…again…
Guy’s this is suppose to be the best of the best.This is the toughest dino to get in the game.And he SUCK.
Yeah yeah,new mechanism are coming,i herd that all the time.How hard it is to patch him??
He need to open with X2 dommages,with the best crit chance in the game,ignoring armor and shield.
Immune.All unique must be immune.
X1 dommage when he put up his shield.
Yeah it is OP.This is what you expect when you work your ass off for weeks and spend more than a new PS4 on a single dino.This is a unique dino,based on the most popular dino of all time(and JW history)and he SUCK.


25k T-Rex DNA??? You paid a lot or is there a cheat?


Bear in mind that this dino will most of the time fight against BOT dinos with crazy level,and always be slower.
So he show up and always get it in the middle of the face by a level 30.he lose 2/3 of his life right there.
Then he do 1134 of domage…
Most dino he faced are 4000-5000 plus HP
Second it he get destroyed.Even if by some sort of miracle he survived,it is to be destroyed the next turn…
That’s your star,Ludia.


Congrats on reaching L40.

I’m not even 1/2 of your level yet… :sweat_smile:


Holy cheetos thats a crazy amount of rex dna!


I play and spend crazy amounts for 4 months now.


That picture is 3 months old.I already had a pretty decent team/rex.
They were no spoof whatsoever back then.No cheat.Just pretty intense dino hunting.


Could you show us his stats his attack and hp and his moves please? Yeah it seems that top tier players are struggling even with the top level dinos


I don’t have this dino so I don’t know hp & atk. (in lv24 might got hp3300+ & atk1050+)
But here’s other stats.


1x damage, bypass armor

2x damage, bypass armor
cooldown:1 ,delay:1

1x damage, target vulnerable in this turn & following 3 turns

act first, 100% shiled 1 turn


my god, this tryko only defense, no have atack … this is bad… need changes skill dino

edit is Diorajassauro



Damn that’s a lot of real world money…


It is a little underwhelming, they should chuck away expose weak spot and put in a sheild, but what your proposing is massive overkill, the Trykosaurus still has to fit in a ceartin class, and that class has laws and rules that keep the balance, as with all the other classes. Dude what your proposing is straight up over kill, you cant justify that kind of buff purely on the basis of time and money spent, that was your choice. Raptor is meant to be a counter to the large theropod class, even though you didnt say raptor, there would be nothing else common that could kill a trykosarus lvl 24.


@Amethyste is Diorajassauro no triko. sorry…


Also must buff speed…102 is just the same as T-REX, and is the slowest spd in this game.


Well… Dioraja is a even worse unique, must say.
Only got the same tier as it’s maerial (Rajakylosaurus) on Metahub.


I wasn’t talking about raptors specifically ,any parasau lev 30 can destroy him.About any epic will kill him.His role his to shreds anything in front of him.We are talking about a Unique dino.There shouldn’t be a match for him,exept for another unique,or a very good and well trained legendary.
Why on hearth does he lose some power from the epic form to Unique???The Rex it 1.5 out of the gate.Not the Trykosaurus…you actually nerfed the Unique.The whole point of fusion should be to keep the best attributes and add a bit of HP,defense,and speed.


I love my Dioraja…But he did looses his exploits wood ability,which is bad.Why ??


I think that’s because Ludia take DISTRACTING STRIKE from Tuojiang, and give Dioraja a full defense skill set.
But however this is quite pointless, because Dioraja inherit slow speed, and not able to utilize this set.


Again, it is the apex of its class, but not of all dinosaur. There is not a dino that kills all, and there is not meant to be. There is no reason why a common parasaur should not be able to kill it, in fact if only a unique can kill a unique, then only paying players like yourself would win, which is not fair. I agree that it should be buffed, a small increase in speed and long sheild i think would work.