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Trykosaurus VS Ardentismaxima

Who do you think is better

I say tryko

  • Tryko
  • Ardentis

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Tryko should win if maxima doesn’t crit on the Impact or Rampage.


Tryko can be declerated, bled, stunned, and distracted.

Ardentismaxima is immune, has a decent armor rating, one of the highest maximum hps in the game, and has a pretty decent attack stat. It’s simply better overall.

If you’re asking which of them should win in a fight, I’d say Tryko has the edge, as long as Ardentis doesn’t get a crit.


vs each other, Tryko wins. But vs most of the meta, Ardentis wins. I have Ardentis on my team.

Tryko wins 70% of the time. Maxima is better in general. Used on all top tornament teams. Not as many trykos

I mean ardentis can’t be Tryko without a crit but ardentis and weak to armor creatures like Thor can beat Ardentis if hes boosted Ardentismaxima is just a tank attacker and Tryko can beat alot of tanks plus do alot of damage but something like Magna if hes not stupid. And go for the right move tryko is going to do alot and if he doesn’t go for the right move tryko wins.

Tryko could be better but Ardentis is better against alot of things that can bleed and things like that so yeah true.

Maxima is much better than Tryko in immune meta

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While one looks better on paper, we need to remember that both are still top tier dinos that are an incredible threat any opposing team

Tryko is more power and armor at the cost of health and immunity

Maxima is armor plus health plus anti tank plus immunity at the cost of power and speed

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