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Trykosaurus VS Diorajasaur (JWA Battles #3)

Welcome back to another episode of JWA Battles! If you aren’t familiar with the rules, we basically make estimates of JWA hybrids/superhybrids from their parents and visual appearance. This includes length, height, weight, bite force. With these factors, we determine our winners.

Last time, Spinoconstrictor and Spinotahsuchus had a brawl, while Spinotahsuchus led most of that battle, at the end Spinoconstrictor’s tricks were just too much for the spinoraptordile.

This time, we have a battle between the armored titans, Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur! Who will come out on top? I have no idea, let’s just do this!

Height: 16 Ft
Length: 42 Ft
Weight: 10 Tons
Bite Force: 5-6 Tons
Weapons: Teeth, thagmizer/club tail
Advantages: Larger armed with a stronger bite force, could easily push Dio around if it wanted
Disadvantages: Could get knocked over easier, and had weaker armor by comparison

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Height: 9 Ft
Length: 25 Ft
Weight: 7 Tons
Bite Force: 0.5 Tons
Weapons: Horn probably meant it rammed its opponents often, not the strongest bite force like Rajasaurus, but good enough, thagmizer/club tail.
Advatantages: Smaller and faster, could use this advantage to knock tryko over and attack a weak point. Armor is superior and is more protected by spikes than tryko is, who has loads of bare skin.

Fight: Diorajasaur is walking through a forest, looking for a meal. Not too long later, Dio was taken by surprise by Trykosaurus’ warning, letting Dio know that this forest was his territory, Dio just lightly roars and continues moving. Irritated by the intruder, Trykosaurus runs towards and lets out a great roar, only to be headbutted in the gut, whipped multiple times and knocked back. Trykosaurus understood this meant war, and the two traded blows via their tails and bites for a while, before Dio was knocked back and rammed into a tree. Tryko, thanks to its height, slapped Dio silly with his club and rammed Dio again with its head. Dio decided to stop playing around and rammed Tryko again, once more knocking him back. Tryko bit Dio’s tail, but Dio returned the favor with a couple of bites, even biting one of Tryko’s arms off. Big mistake, buddy. Tryko furiously rammed Dio over. Before Dio could do anything, Tryko set his foot on him, and bit his head, breaking his neck. Tryko gets up, looking down on Dio’s deceased body, and hikes back into the forest to scare some pyritators.

Verdict: On paper, it looks like Trykosaurus has no problem taking down Diorajasaur. But in 3-4 out of the 10 battles, Dio could’ve knocked over Tryko, who need I remind you has USELESS arms. Dio’s superior armor also meant that Tryko would have trouble dealing damage to it quite often throughout the battle. And believe it or not, Dio could easily take out Tryko as long as it could hit Tryko’s weak points enough. But the question was: could Dio last long enough? We knew that Dio was faster, but Tyko could hit Dio harder than Dio could hit it. The Tryko’s bite force, which is close to, if not exactly, the tyrannosaurus’ 6-6.5 ton bite meant that it could ensure Dio never lasted very long. Of course, the spikes and the armor gave Tryko trouble, occasionally costing the win, but for what it was worth, more times than not Tryko could pull through and claim its victory, making the winner of this battle Trykosaurus!


Do you agree with the winner? The calcs? Share your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to vote on the next contenders!

Who should be next?

  • Quetzorion
  • Thylacotator
  • Entelomoth

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I’m enjoying this


Me too, love this series!


Keep up the great work, @SonicNTGD

Maybe entelomoth vs keratoporcus?


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