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I’m one of those guys who profited greatly off St. Patrick’s Day. I now have a Trykosaurus, and it womps everything (except the Thoradolosaur). It’s smashed Erlidominus, Allosinosaurus, and Indoraptors of any level. It needs a little help with the Thor, which is everywhere now. That’s my much-needed weakness. Utasinoraptors are also a pain, but they’re not unreasonable. Besides these, my Tryko’s only discernible weakness is bleeding. I can just swap in another dino to deal with bleeders. I’m sorry to contribute to all the nerf topics, but I feel like my powerhouse needs one. That being said, I’m only down here in Jurassic Ruins. Do the players up there in the Aviary think so too, or have I simply not met its counters yet? The Magnapyritor would be a royal pain against any dino, come to think of it, but I’ve never fought one yet.


Dude each dino has a weakness . Like raptors stand no chance against a tank.

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Not just you. It does need tweaking.

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But ya they need to nerf thor

Ummmm No. There are plenty of counters to Thor. And tryko doesn’t do well against magna, and bleeders and especially stunning dinos.


This forum is a joke :joy: every single thread is “cry for nerf” or “dracocera wahhhhh crybaby” or “ludia you suck”…no relevant or even partially relevant information on this forum anymore


I am in Aviary and I am really not afraid of Tryko. Like you said bleeders are really good you can swap out, but then you have the risk of getting hit by a big attack unless its Draco of course.
Magnapyritor is indeed a really good counter but hard to level up I really love mine.

Honestly if they are going to nerf Tryko I’m afraid it will be a fairly weak dinosaur its not that OP.


Tryostronix DESTROYS it. So do Magnapyritor and Tenontorex


You’re lucky you at least got Tryko.

I bet you could have too if you retried your attempts.

He does okay against Thor sometimes - as long as Thor doesn’t crit. Make sure to save the instant distraction for Thor’s second hit and use one of your two chomps after his thor’s first one. If you manage to be able to use your stronger one against Thor, odds are that he is dead.

I feel tryko is fine as is. Yeah it’s powerful but not unbeatable. Diloch, monostego, tryo, Thor and others can counter it well


Tryko and Thor are both really well balanced, can think of a few others that need attention more.


The man was polite and he is saying he feels his own dino is unbalanced. That’s not whining.

You’re correct. Tryko may seem reasonable at Aviary and maybe Lockwood, but it’s totally unbalanced for Ruins and lower arenas… This weren’t a problem since you rarely saw any Tryko before Lockwood. But after St. Patrick’s everything became a circus.


I think it’s funny because tenontorex is also a good counter to tryko, and we lost it.

I’ve never even seen a Diloracheirus in the arenas yet! From what I’m seeing, I think what @Arnold’s saying is accurate–Trykosaurus is on the high end of uniques, but not entirely out of hand. It’s just that my Doberman is still hanging out with the chihuahuas. Enjoy it while I can, I suppose. XD
Thx y’all

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the dang dinos do not need nerfs. yall need to catch up. making any of these dinos a bit weaker will really render then the dang game or play something else. this is getting so redundant now.


Which stunning dinosaurs?
It eats both Diloracheirus and Utarinex alive. Granted, the main deal is that you have to resist the urge to use an instant move against the stun… But if you do, I don’t see how it is weak against stunners.

Or alternatively it can soak up a big hit with stun, then switch to another dinosaur, practically taking away its biggest weapon. Which is yet again not a bad matchup.

ive chopped down many trykos with my rinex. dilo too but more rinex. if not those then tryos magna thor tenon or bleed it.


You are perfectly correct about Tryko being OP. Trykosaurus has too much base stats.

The kit is fine, but it needs to lose something; 1600 base damage (which is actually 2400 with the counter) AND 4500 hp AND 108 speed AND 30% armor AND 30% crit is just too much.

I don’t care what and where and how, but it cannot stay that way. Because of those abominational stats, more often than not it can kill its counter while simoltaneusly dieing or bring down the counter to ridiculously low HP.

That’s just unreasonable. That is like if Velociraptor was countered by Stegosaurus with Stego having only 200 hp left. That wouldn’t be okay either, nor is how Trykosaurus is currently.

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