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Trykosourus bug

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Bug Description: Trykosourus performed passive counter attack when it should not have after losing a turn since it was stunned.

Area is was found in: Lockwood Library

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Trykosourus performs instant invincibility.
Step 2 - Draco performs stun.
Step 3 - Draco performs rampage.

Result: After step 3 Trykosourus performed passive counter attack. It should not have since it was in a stunned state when step 3 was executed.

How often does it happen: Unknown

What type of device are you using: iPhone XS

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

uhh… that’s not a bug

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Since the rat auto stunned. So it still has that move. It only stuns the current attack which was the shield. It doesn’t stun for multiple turns lol.

The rat doesn’t stun for multiple turns. If Tyrko (or any Dino) makes the first move and then is stunned they sit out the next 1 full turn. Tyrko (or any dino) made 1 move and now has to forfeit 1 move. If Tryko didn’t make the first move and was stunned it would immediately be eligible to make a move in the next turn. In either scenario Tyrko (or any dino) only forfeits 1 attack.

In both cases Tyrko (or any dino with a passive counter attack) doesn’t execute the passive counter attack when coming off of a stun. At least that’s how it has always worked.

Let me know what you think.

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Leave this bug alone would you? The rat is the bigger bug.


If tryko attacks first then draco performs stun (doesn’t matter who is faster since one is priority move and other normal) tryko should be stunned for the entirety of the next move. Draco performs rampage, tryko should remain stunned. Then next move set tryko is able to move.

It is a bug. Tryko performed 1 move, draco stunned. Tryko misses out on move, draco performs move. Why should counter work if stunned? Then moves press on


Same thing happened to me. It was Tragod, though.

Lol come on you have to go with it. And any ‘bug’ against rat is good

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