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Tryna make Tryostonix

Ok so postosuchus is really hard to find, at least for me, so fusing postimetrodon is made harder than it already is. This is because when you fuse legendary dna, you get 10 or 20 almost every time. AND to get an epic to level 15 you need 750 dna for that creature. So…yeah. Please do something about this.

Postosuchus is a bit of a pest if you open a giga scent at night in its Zone.
Sometimes it spawns so much it’s annoying (and I have not maxed my Tryostronix in level yet).

It’s a Dawn/Dusk/Night creature of Local 4.


Pretty sure they’re not gonna do anything about it, its a grind and is normal for the game, prob gonna get harder when you start trying uniques. Just go with the nice explination by @WronaWronek above me on how to get more of her dna, you can also do sanctuaries and requests.
Also, wdym by

Do u mean it takes 750 for an epic to get to lvl 15

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I am in Zone 4 and they can spawn quite often with a Giga Scent running (depending on your luck)

Yes, yes I did Snake_Dude

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And though I am not sure of my zone, postosuchuses never spawn. And thanks to lockdown I cannot go anywhere.

So, depending on what creatures regularly spawn in ur area, I’m sure someone can help you determine what zone ur in. You change zones every month, there are 4 btw, so after zone 1 is 2, then 3, then 4, then back to 1 and so on. You can also go onto Gamepress’s website and try to find out what zone ur in there by looking at the spawn mechanics and figuring it out from there. Might I ask what creatures regularly spawn in your area? Like I am getting sloths a lot and that’s in one specific zone I forgot the name of

Here you go. A pretty detailed and nice guide by GamePress.


Pretty sure I’m in 2

Thanks for the info. Apparently pachy styggy and posto spawn in 4


Your struggle is something that’s built into the game. Scarcity of resources will continue to be an issue. Lvl 15 for fuses of legendary hybrids will take months of playtime. Lvl 20 for uniques you’re looking at a year+. At that point coins will start to become your bottleneck and most DNA will slowly start rising into the thousands. Except of course for the exclusive DNA which everyone is also short on and which will make up a large part of the requests in the alliance.

It’s not as bad as it used to be though. All the later added features like sanctuaries and requests do help. I don’t think I’d want it any other way. Part of the fun is continuously progressing and unlocking.

Lol thats not true at all. Your timelines are very off. I’ve played less than a year, haven’t spent a dollar on this game, and I have 13 uniques, and about to unlock more. I play about 1.5 hours per day, so not that crazy


I’ve been playing casually from the beginning of the game with a break of about a year in there and have less uniques than you do. Would still say it’s pretty accurate for the average player with a few exceptions here and there. Must say you’ve been pretty efficient with just 1.5hrs a day.

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I know several people that started in October-November (2020) and they have uniques. Without spending a dime. The amount of time it takes to get uniques is the amount of time you put into the game. It’s that simple.

Talking averages here. Treating the game like a job will obviously speed up the process. For someone complaining about how tryostronix is hard to make I thought I’d set some reasonable expectations.

True. However they only play 3-4 hours per day. But I see your point.