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Tryo or Magna. Power VS accessibility

On paper this is an easy decision, Magna just completely outclasses Tryo, but on the hand I can easily mass produce DNA for Tryo and level it quick, something that is really useful at this point in time since after some changes to my team it’s looking quite underleveled. So should I continue to level Tryo and have a worse fierce creature but at a high level or grind towards the better, Magna but have it underleveled?

Long term benefits > short term benefits


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I chose to focus on Magna over Tryo while stockpiling Postosuchus and Baryonyx (from when it was wild).


Um, I work on both. Tryo is good in raids and okay in arena while magna is ok in raids and good in the arena. This is what I do. I don’t have magna but I have leveled dime to 20. I would fuse tryo while magna is upgradable but fuse magna if its not upgradable


Tryostonix USED to be better (boosts involved), but since that’s no longer the case I just use my dimetrodon on Magna.

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