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Tryostronix (apex) vs Postimetrodon (alpha)

Why is Trystronix apex when only one level higher Postrimetrodon is beter and much easier to get? Two levels higher Posti is better than Trstro without doubt - at least from my experience.

Ready to crush and higher x2 dsr

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when tryo gets leveled up it mows done pretty much anything…mines a 21 and can almost win me a whole battle on occasion

I prefer Posti and will always be able to level it higher than Tryo due to lack of Baryonyx. I’d rather have a high level Posti then a mediocre level Tryo.

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Atm my problem is get dimetrodon dna, since im a scrub local3 player, havent problem whit baryonix, have my triox at 25, and could be more if i had infinite dimetrodon dna xd

The extra time and effort to focus on tryo is worth it. RTC, 2x DSR, and 20% crit. Why just today my Tryo mowed down all 3 dinos by himself. Rare first for me. But it shows he’s worth it over Posti.

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My 21 posti does legit work for my team. Current 4400+ trophies.

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My Postimetrodon kils Tryst every time I face one. I never see Barynox to ever level mine. So I stick with Posti.