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Tryostronix at high level


Looking for some feedbacks from high level players (5000 trophy more or less, i’m floating around 5000-5100) on Tryostronix. With all of 129, 128 and 126 speed tier dino Tryo doesn’t seem to fit well in this meta and shine like before, at least for me lately. I tend to use it as a revenge killer, but if i have my dilorach i use it almost every time for this function, leaving Tryo in the shade. I know that is almost the best counter to Tryko but i don’t think that it deserves a spot only for that reason. Mine is lv 25. Is it frail due to low level and should i level it up or try something else? This is my team.
Thanks in advance😄

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Mines level 28. I use it. Am ranked 25th. I love it man its amazing


I use Tryo strictly as an opener. Counters bleeders and tanks right off the bat. And usually inflicts enough damage to others for a favorable set up for your next dino.


Which are the most frequent leads that you see? because mine are Spinotasuchus, utarinex and indo, specially the first two…all bad matchups for tryo…Anyway didn’t think to try to use it in the reverse way as you say: sacrifice it to set up my next dino, i could try :smile:. The problem is that versus the three above i should rely on a crit on FS to inflict enough damage to set up my next dino…


I’m around the 4200-4500 range and see mostly spino, suchatator, stegod, monostego as openers. And the occasional indom/indorap. Yea sometimes it comes down to the crit hits on both sides. But so far Tryo has been my best opener for a while now.


Mine is at 27 and I never open with it. It is a revenge killer exclusively. I dispaches of Trago, Stegodeus Diorajasaur and Tryko pretty regularly.

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What exactly is this revenge killing tactic? Saved until the end? Is RTC even used?


I dont know about others but when its an option (opponent slower than tryo with low health). U bring tryo put and use ferocious. Leaves u ready for a boosted dsr

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And at high levels it is a brute. Mine does 3804 2nd turn damage on whatever they bring in without crit. And ready with full life at 4300 hp.


So I don’t start with her I wait until an opponents dino is low health, preferably slower that Tryostronix. Example, Stegodeus. Bring in Tryostronix, Kill the opponents dino with Ferocious strike and the next dino that comes in is facing a Defense shattering rapage boosted by ferocious strike.


Besides that its the best tryko counter in the game. Rtc>dsr nothing he can do to stop it. 50% chance to crit there and tryko is dead. And the only damage ur tryo takes is one strike from tryko. Huge victory.

If ur not facing many tryko at ur level than maybe it has less effectiveness but at my level tryko is on everyones team. Lol having a dino that can halt that machine is a key


How on earth people say Tryo is Tryko killer. My level 25 tryo can’t kill level 22 tryko (or can kill when is got hit once). So even 3 level less Tryko is not easy match for level 25 tryo.

Tryko hits are really much powerful then tryo especially with tryo having a low HP overall.


If its tryko vs tryo. Try rtc. Tryko strikes. Tryo has a 50% chance to crit. If it crits tryko is dead.

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My 28 tryo crits rampage with rtc at 5706. That kills level 30 tryko. one shot

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And since ur usong rtc to buff ur rampage ur not taking counter attack. All u get hit with is strike, which wont kill you even if it crits


Tryko only wins if it has rampage up and it crits. Otherwise tryo wins every time. Tryo is needed for tryko once you get high enough tryko is a menace.


Ah ok that’s exactly how I use gorgosuchus. And with higher damage than tryo. RTC is where tryo can really shine given the right setup.


I just unlocked tryostronix a few minutes ago but with so few sightings of baryonyx I can’t get the dna needed to level her up. Sad life.


Mine just turned 25 tonight and thankfully dino birthdays aren’t a thing. Bary was impossible to find for a long time and for some reason is more plentiful lately. I have used it as a starter a lot and have had good luck.