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Tryostronix buff

I think tryostronix is deserving off a buff. It is one of the harder legendaries to level up to a point where it’s useable and I think that it should be taken into account in determining a dinosaurs stats or abilities. Curious to hear others thoughts. I feel as though it needs more health.
P.s. I also think other legendaries like megalosuchus need something more and can we please revert the dilorano nerf?!?


How is that a reason to buff it? If you don’t open with it, or just avoid let it die contributing little, otherwise it’s OP as fantastic.

I second this post. Health should be equal to a same level Postimetrodon, damage maybe slightly more. Just maybe.


Wait! They nerfed dilo again?

Yes. with the 1.4 update.

Crap me in a crapper I just put it back in my team!

By now there are about 25 people who are thinking the same.

Aahhh. This is great! Finally a thread requesting a buff, instead of the usual cries for nerfs. I like it!