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Tryostronix Build

I have been working towards unlocking Tryostronix so that I can do many of the Unique and Apex raids. I should be able to unlock him sometime during this next week and I don’t know how to boost him. How should I boost Tryostronix for the raids but also have him perform decently at PvP?


It is fine unboosted for raids. No idea for the arena but it is not doing too well there at the moment.

A little health would be helpful if you have the resources.

If u hv lower level tryo than u hv to give him the hp of min 4500,I mean minimum and few just a few boost on attack…after it u may able to do Morty raids as well…

Mine is 26, and I have the boosts 7/14/5 and it is perfect for any raid we could ask, and if I ever level it up the boosts will be going into damage, hope this helps!

I wouldn’t boost it, in the arena it does not really well, in raids it’s useful just cuz it has ready to crush so its strenght doesn’t really matter I’d only suggest to put some health boosts if it hasn’t at least 4200hp to survive mortem’s crit


I’m not sure you really need to boost her, she does quite well unboosted in raids at appropriate lvls, but I have boosted mines speed a bit to fit a few strats needing tryo to be fastest so speed is an option I guess, and I think health may be a good second but not sure.

My level 21 Tryo is built 11/10/0, it’s great in low aviary to deal with cunnings who aren’t faster than 137 speed, it also frequently one shots most Dino’s I go up against. However keep in mind this is is the bare minimum for Mortem guides.

I do mortem every week with a lvl 19 5-5-5 boosted tryo

You barely survive a non crit hot let alone a crit.

Most rounds we win first try

We use the tuora tryo tenrex and maxi strat and it works really well

Same but we’d rather not waste time if a crit does kill 1 of us.

Yeah I get that but I just meant that you don’t have to level him high or boost him a lot to win some mortems

My tryo is good enough for apex raids and if I want to be something better I don’t focus on improving tryo I focus on levelling the other creatures from the strat

Like rn I am focussing one getting a solid tenrex so I can help some of my friends out and they can be the tryo