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Tryostronix help


Hey all,

I’ve leveled my Tryo up to lvl23, but keep taking her off my team. My team level is 21-24, but she always seems to get destroyed in the Arena. I tend to start with her to hopefully counter a bleeder, but never seems to happen.

What is your recommendation on whether she is worth leveling and how to use her right. Seems like her HP is just a little low and lacks survivability to get that damage in.

Thanks everyone for the help.


I would suggest not to use her as an opener. She should come in kill the wounded/low hp dino and get her DSR ready for anything that comes next and can potentially one shot it.


Know when to use RTC so it isn’t “readying to get killed”.

There are better immunes to start.


Hey crstevens54, I tend to use Tryostronix after my first creature to finish off a dino on low health with Ferocious Strike. It’s a great set-up to take advantage of your Defense Shattering Rampage ability plus the damage boost from Ferocious Strike, to deal massive damage on your opponent’s next creature the following turn. Does anyone else have other strategies with Tryostronix?


Hey Johnny5, out of curiousity what is your favorite immune starter?


As everyone else says, don’t start with her. Use Ferocious strike to kill off a dino before they bring another one out. Against tanks, I’ll then use RTC and take a hit from them before using DSR so it’s essentially double boosted. I have taken out many a Trgod and Stegod in one bite with that. Also use RTC against Tryko so you get the boost without getting the counter attack from them.


It’s either an opener or revenge killer, depending on your team setup. I’ve used her as an opener and have done fairly well most of the time. Plenty of bleeders that open in my battles in the ~4500 zone. RTC is really only useful if she’s being used as an opener and the opponent is slower and does NOT have a nullifying move. Lots of possible one-shots with RTC+DSR+50%crit


Thank you all,
I’ll try to change up my strategy tonight and see if I have more luck with her in the arena.


You nailed it, @Piere87! That’s exactly how you’re supposed to use Tryostronix!


Thanks! I just came back from a 1-2 match because of this guy :heart_eyes:. Killed their dino and then one shot their lvl 23 Tragod before they even got a hit in.