Tryostronix love in!


The beast has risen from the swamp! Defence shattering rampage, ready to crush AND ferocious strike has turned this into quite the armor buster, niche being 120 speed and 50% crit with RTC and the innate 20. What do y’all think hehe


It’s great. With immunity it can hard counter stegoceratops.
Glad player will be able to get Bary dna from arena in next update.


Always Ferocious Strike first.

Then Defence Shattering/Rampage - depends on your opponents dino health.

Ready to Crush is basically useless - if your dino is at lower levels.

Worth levelling up.


it loses ready to crush and gains ferocious strike i believe. honestly its pointless speculating at this point. need to see how the base stat changes across the board are first.


“2nd ability becomes Defense Shattering Rampage
3rd ability becomes Ferocious Strike”
By that, they mean 2nd ability with a cooldown and 3rd ability with CD. In tryos case, that is DSI and expose weak spot. So it has both RTC and Ferocious strike :slight_smile: . But yeah, probably wouldnt need to use ferocious strike nuch


RTC is pretty useless currently. unless this update adds 3x hp for all dinos so you can have more than 2 turns RTC will stay useless.