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Tryostronix love please

Please change armor piercing strike to definite strike. Oh and make ready to crush a priority. I don’t think these buffs would over power Tryostronix. Do you?

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Umm well kinda since speedsters are its main counter as for ready to crush to be a priority I guess it fine but either way it’s a waste of a turn

The most important change that I would like to see is Ferocious Strike changed to Ferocious Impact. If the APS to be changed to DS is definitely a bonus…:blush:

My believe is that the RTC move has its use depending on situations i.e. when your opponent draws a Tryko.


If you really want to buff RTC, give it a speedup, even if it’s just for 1 turn. That’ll definitely make a difference.

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Tryo is a beast, needs no Edit: buff,

It’s just not a starter, bring it in to finish a slower opponent, then it’ll kill most everything else.

RTC is a good choice against counter strike creatures.

Also, FWIW, it is a GREAT DC killer.


OP is asking for buff not nerf. BTW I think Tryo is already a beast. Should not be buffed nor nerfed.


yeah, typed nerf… meant buff.

Tryo is situational and needs a little know how to use effectively.

Not uncommon to chew through the next couple creatures with one shot… A little slow to start, but if he survives that and is faster…there’s no stopping him.

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Tryo doesn’t need a buff. But RTC does. I see it’s been brought up for a year.

Ready To Crush(Current)
Increase damage by 50% and critical chance by 30% for the next 3 turns.

Ready To Crush(New)
Cleanse. Increase damage by 50%, critical chance by 30% and grant immunity for next 3 turns.

What does RTC gain by being priority? That just opens it up to being nullified easier.

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Why not add 10% speed increase and 90% enemy distraction too? LOL … The new RTC recommended by you will make Tryo very very OP (as he already have a good speed)

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Btw I just realised Tryo is already full immune, right?

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Perhaps just giving RTC a higher crit chance would be better. Guaranteed crits even.

There’s absolutely no part of what I said mentioned tryo doesn’t have immunity nor that RTC will make it op nor did I even mean to tailor it to tryo. No idea what you’re on about. Certain reading comprehension is required here.

RTC needs an upgrade just like new hybrids always need to outperform the olds.

Maybe you upgraded RTC could grant 1 turn Immunity, but 3? Let’s calm down there :smirk:. How many creatures have RTC? Epic Bary and Tryo? That’s it?

As far as you think 3 turns is OP, remember tryo has 30 turns immunity and can be more. Is it op? What’s wrong with that if you implement this new RTC on future hybrids, the uniques? You’re saying they aren’t worthy?

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I believe Tryo will not get a hybrid. She is already a Super Hybrid by herself…:blush:

Irri, Bary gen1 and gen2, they all can make a new hybrid. Not to mention new dinos in oncoming updates.
I just love RTC, and think it deserves to get better and more meta relevant. That’d be all…

No-one said anything about Tryo having a new hybrid.

I’m supportive of some kind of buff for Tryostronix, although I do hesitate somewhat; the thing can be pretty OP in the right conditions. Tryo has been a cornerstone of my team for a year now, and in boosts 1.0, it was regularly able to clear the bench on the opponents (I had mine boosted to T6/T7/T7 for HP/Attack/Speed), especially with all the tyrannical T7/7/7 Utarinexes I would face. In boosts 2.0, it’s less of a bench-clearer, but still powerful. I also love RTC when I’m able to use it, especially when I’m in a good battle and I predict a swap (and obviously when the opponent uses an Instant Invincibility/Distraction move), but it’s definitely a risk in most circumstances. Despite my hesitation, a buff now would be a welcome counter to these 147/145/143-speed Thors I seem to face fairly often now.

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