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Tryostronix needs a buff or a hybrid


I think it needs more hp


It wont get a hybrid. Doesn’t qualify since its already a superhybrid


I think you just need to level it more


It can‘t get a hybrid cuz it already is a superhybrid.
But I agree she could need some hp buff, mine is lvl 21 and don‘t stand a chance against faster dinos or even higher Tragos.
Spinotahsuchus and Utahsinoraptor kill her before she can even do enough dmg.

So u have to pick her carefully and only when she fits in battle. She‘s no allrounder but in some optimal situations she really can destroy the opponent!

Those moments were rare for me but it happened.


Tryo is a bit to situational… and i agree it can use something because often if given the choice I use thor as a revenge killer instead of tryo. But Tryo is already the best counter for the monster that is tryko so its not in a terrible spot…


I agree. It basically has one role atm, as a revenge killer. Which is rather redundant considering there are better revengers out there like diloracheirus.


He needs more critical chance and health…which makes him a beast…and speed 126

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This thread points out that a legendary, Tryos, is often not as good in similar situations as a unique option on atack or gets too hurt when used against some other uniques when it is used against them…

Most legendaries fair worse in these situations. Tryos is very good already for a legendary.


Try to lvl Tryo up. Mine at lvl 23 owns Spinotasuchus, lvl 22 and higher only if it won’t crit on CI.
Utahsino is one of the best Tryo counters.


Currently I usually start fights with Tryo as 70% of my opponents starts with Spinotasuchus. If Indominus shows up I swap to Monostego or Stegodeus if I have them. Otherwise just take my chances with Tryo.

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It definitely needs hp buff.


I just benched her for Utarinex. :slight_smile:


My tryo is level 28 and rides the bench


Yeah it needs hp buff, at lvl 23 has only 259 hp more than same lvl Gorgo. Gorgo lvl 23 has much more damage output on turn two though (after FS, DSR do 3524 damage without crit). Tryo lvl 23 has 2978 damage with DSR after FS without crit.


Definitely agree. My Tryo is level 29 and I cringe when she is placed on my team. There just arent enough situations in which to use her. She’s really great against Trago, I’ll give her that.

I think the best improvement would be buffing speed to 126. Almost anything that she faces thats faster than her (which is most of the core dinos right now) can take her down before she gets her second shot in.


Would be better to buff speed to 127, to be tied with Utahsino. Otherwise Utasino will still own Tryo.


Good point. Although with CI and IC utahsino can usually take it out before second move regardless.


Maybe nerf Utasino a bit and buff Tryos speed and/or hp. :thinking:
Utahsino destroys every legendary and even some uniques and her slowing down ability is so op.


Agree, it’s too situational.

HP buff but would also require a damage nerf.

Would change from glass cannon to all arounder.


Actually, Utahsino don’t need to use IC against Tryo, unless you swap it in.