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Tryostronix needs a change

Why is Tryostronix 100% immune to Vulnerability but can cleanse from Vulnerability? Have him be able to cleanse from Distractions or DoT.


Guess we gotta change Thor too.

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i mean, they could just get the normal versions of those abilities instead since they do basically the same thing minus cleanse vulnerable.


Hey Christian_Gonzalez, thanks for pointing this out. I have forwarded this post to our development team for them to review.

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But that’s what refresh does…sooo


Again not really a major problem, just one of the stuff that are redundant. Thor has it, and many more Im sure. What really needs to change is how movesets work. Have a separate moveset for both Raid and PvP.


Just change refresh to another thing

Refresh is fine.

No, i will prefer group ferocity or ferocious strike so it can killed opponent as revenge just like 1.14. I miss my RTC + FS + DSR damage, it was save me many time in pvp

@S.K tryo isnt the only one

theres also lots more, even with DOT monomimus with 100% immune but has a cleanse DOT?!?!

I actually made a full list of these a while back:

Fierce attack redundancy

Again, the move itself is fine (could maybe use a slight buff but that’s beside the point), but the creatures with these attacks that are immune to vulnerable might as well have defense shattering moves, cause for them there’s no difference.

The thing is, I feel like they gave fierce moves to these dinos because they wanted them to have an edge over defense shattering, but because of their vulnerability they were not given this advantage.

how many total have you found? Hopefully they will attempt to tweak them all that have this issue

I found 11, but I may have missed a couple. I only counted creatures with fierce attacks that are immune to vulnerability, so I did NOT count cunning creatures that are immune to DoT, because I don’t think they count as redundant. Cunning moves provide other advantages over any other move in the game besides cleansing DoT. Cunning strike minus cleansing DoT is still better than, for example, distraction. On the other hand, fierce attacks minus cleansing vulnerability are identical to their defense shattering version.

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now if the cleanse vulnerable effected the whole team, then it wouldn’t be as redundant.

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It’s been stated with other dinosaurs before. They are immune but their moves cleanses what it is immune to. It’s because not every dino in that family is immune to it. Family dinos all have the same move capabilities but have different immunities.

It’s because they were split up into family groups. The family have the same abilities but might have different immunities. The move sets are correct.

Not every dino has to have these moves though in that family. For example, Secodontosaurus and Dimetrodon are in the same family (they at least have the same animations) and both are immune to vulnerable. But Secodontosaurus has fierce moves, while dimetrodon only has defense shattering. Its almost like they realized this redundancy for some dinos, but not others. So no, not every creature in a family has to have the same moves. Besides the previous evidence that this isn’t actually a “rule” (or at least isn’t enforced consistently), why should it be? If every dino in a family had the same moves, only as upgraded damage or better stats, that’s just boring, and would greatly reduce the variety in the game. And when you get to the legendary and unique hybrids, there is a ton of variety in movesets - the “families” hardly even exist at this point, as many of these are hybrids between multiple “families”. I feel like families are/should be defined more by their role in battle than by a particular set of moves. While these two things are closely entwined, they are not required to be together. If two dinosaurs can fill the same role using different moves, why not let them have those different moves?

If they’re going to deliberately change a move on a dinosaur, it should at least be different than what it previously had, right? Even a change as small as cleansing vulnerability for your whole team (as @Qiew suggested) would be enough to differentiate it.

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What family is Secondo and Dime in?

Idk the name but they have the same animations/body frame. I don’t think they formally defined it as a “family” though. Maybe because there aren’t many of them in game, but they ARE actually in the same family in real life (Sphenacodontidae), though Edaphosaurus also shares the same animations but is not in this family. But with the exception of smilodon and marsupial lion (which also happen to be almost entirely unrelated in real life), most creatures with the same animations seem to have similar traits (not including some of the advanced hybrids), whether or not Ludia officially recognized them as a family in their posts.

Bring back Ferocious Strike!