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Tryostronix needs a change

So they’re not a family in JWA. Dime and Magna have the same move set since it’s a hybrid of Dime.

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Well we cant just change all fierce attacks just because of a tiny problem that doesn’t even matter that much

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I still don’t think them officially recognizing them as a family matters that much, but ok. Still, if they all had to have the same moves, Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus would both have fierce strike and fierce impact, but Tarbosaurus has armor piercing impact. And chompers like Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus were never even defined as a family by Ludia in the first place, so if that’s the reason for these reduntant moves, then there should be no reason why they can’t easily change them when applicable.

For an example that Ludia DID include as a family, Carbotoceratops is considered to be a turtle, which Ludia defined by their use of superior vulnerability. But Carbotoceratops doesn’t have this move! However it does have “expose weak spot”, which does apply vulnerability, so again this is an example of families being defined by their role in battle rather than having a particular attack.

I personally feel like the whole “family” thing was just a formal recognition in a few cases of what they were already doing with their game design all along, so we shouldn’t put too much stock in it when considering why certain creatures have certain attacks.

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Nothing wrong with the moves themselves. But yeah, this really isn’t a huge issue - the only “problem” is moves being functionally the same, so “fixing” it wouldn’t really change anything. There are definitely bigger fish to fry.

But there is also opportunity here. Resilients are currently quite strong, so why not make fierce creatures stronger in response via their fierce attacks? They clearly intended fierce moves to be better than defense shattering, so why not make it that way across the board by buffing them? I wouldn’t give them a huge buff, but maybe something like cleanse deceleration (which many fierce creatures are already immune to). Or if they really wanted fierce moves to stand out for all creatures, they could simply remove the taunt removal from defense shattering moves. Some defense shattering moves (like revenge shattering rampage) already don’t remove taunt, so it wouldn’t be out of the question to make that the case for all of them.

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Ok take it from somebody who has been in love using Trystronix since I first got him unlocked. Your going about him all wrong, ESPECIALLY if your planning on using him against any of the “Endgame Creatures” or better yet against any of the “Apex” dinos. Your going to want to evenly match BOTH his health & damage while at the same time improving its speed to 149 or higher. Please trust me on this. You do that, and there won’t hardly be any dino no matter it’s tier type that will stand in your way!! :100::handshake::wink::+1:t2: