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Tryostronix not good?

Not sure if I’m just using him wrong, but postimetro seemed more effective. Am I missing something here? Just seems like a wasted legendary to me. I was do excited to finally get him and he has been a letdown.

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Don’t open with it, use it as a revenge killer like gorgosuchus. You use ferocious strike to kill something at low hp, and deal massive amount of damage to the next dinosaur coming up.


He is awesome you probably arent using him right… Mine doesnt critic at all but i still love him

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I try to use him like Gorga and the problem is his next hit isnt as powerful as gorga or trex. So it doesnt finish off the next guy.

Maybe its because the rest of my team is too good now. Who would you put him in place of on this team?

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Level yours up! How can you expect performance if you have it at base lvl??

I don’t like it. I see a lot of teams using it though. Stegodeus destroys him everytime. Needs more Health imo.

But why level it up if it isnt better than other guys at or near their base?

It’s immune and it can do crazy 1 shot kills. Remember we are in bleeder meta if you want to run anti tank without opening yourself to be owned by a low lvl bleeder you use tryostonix


Because it counters tryko… thats not all it does… but the fact that it counters tryko is enough to make it worth leveling…

But its good its just like alot of legendaries and uniques its not good at base level.

It has to be at team level to be good.

If you have your tryo set up. If the next dino is a raptor, a DSR will finish the opponent.

If the next dino is a tank, you go for RTC because the tank cannot kill you in 2 hits, so you can go for a super-boosted DSR.

The reason tryo has to be at even level as the opponent is because his damage is lower. Also if your tryo is facing a tank a few levels higher, the tank can usually finish your tryo in two hits.

At equal levels, if your tryo is set up and at full health, only very few dinos can take on a boosted tryo.

Lol tryostronix for life! Your missing A LOT

Just remove Dracorex Gen 2 and put Tryostronix in

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No don’t do that that drac g2 hammer of wrath is your sniper learn to use it!. I personally would swap stegocera out as tanks suck with bleed and all the dsr about that or stegod or trag you have 3 tanks! almost half a team of tanks in the definitive anti tank meta lol. Let me guess every time you put a tank out it gets countered into the dirt? If so it should be clear that tanks are currently a liability switch it up! I went from using half a team to just 1

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Stegocera don’t help me win in aviary drac g2 does! Nuff said

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How does Draco make you win, it has bad attack and not that good speed

It’s the equaliser. Have your legendaries against enemy uniques and can’t quite kill opposing Dino used to end in one sided loss now you can punch through with artillery support!

My stegodues kills trysto in 2 hits. But I have lvl 27 stego and usually battle level 20 trysto.

7 levels higher lol if it was equally level stegod would get 2 shot without possibility to kill

lol…I’ll stay at low arena level then…lol