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Tryostronix not good?

I have about 3000 baryonix dna. Maybe I should level mine up. But I have been trying to use dimetrodon dna for magna.

In aviary I see lvl 22 to 28 tryos about and you cannot tank against those!

I stay below that.

Magna looks beut has great moves but has mediocre HP. I still use it though cause it’s my second unique…

Draco gen 2 is awesome. I can swap and kill a level 20 velo easily. Swap and take out the second half of a tryst before it hits me with a big attack. It wins me a ton of games. Most times I can swap him out again and swap him on a second time.

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I love my Tryostronix! I think it started to do well at level 23 or 24, and now at 26 it’s great! I often open with it to counter the bleeders many people open with nowadays.



like to open with it aswell. i have to stop guessing when the opponent will cloak lol. i keep losing that bet

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Mines close to being 28, and is on my to be maxed list. Once u level it up and it gets home hp its a wicked force to be reckoned with.


Tryo is a stone cold killer, but he needs to be continuously leveled up. He’s a great opener thanks to immunity so level him up often. Here’s the simple trick to using Tryo. If you’re faster, use RTC as the first move. If you’re slower, use FS as the first. One caveat, if you’re faster but opponent has any nullifying moves, that will cancel out RTC so you basically wasted a turn… so use FS as the first move in that case. Once I discovered Tryo had the capability to sweep an entire team, given the right circumstances + crits, I was hooked lol.


lucky. i need about 1k more bary and that should take it to 26. was really pissed today when one despawned on me

And to the guy saying that stegod destroys it. His advice is moot a 1 level higher stegod dies to tryo 10/10 times

bah. got flagged

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I saw it. Said ur about to be 27 or something lol i forgot but i saw it lol

yeah level 26. definately needs to be leveled to be good. i didnt use mine untill level 24ish. just personal preference

Im at 560/1500. And completely out of bary and posto :sob:

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Got the dime dna to do it tho

once i saw a level 25 eat my 26 stegod i needed it lol. thank god the bary spawns were increased.

after this irri event ill get magna up to almost 25 then ill really need dime dna. really hoping for a buff on magna

Never even made magna. Pointless to me, and now at this point itd just be so far behind. I could literally make it rn just dont see the point

Maybe when it gets the well deserved buff it deserves