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Tryostronix or Tragodistis?


I’m in the process of unlocking two more Uniques, but that may take awhile. In the meantime, I want to level the team I have, but I’m at an impasse…Should I invest in Tragodisitis or Tryostronix? I’ll be real, I am probably going to bench one in the near future, so I don’t want to invest too much into both…



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Well, truth to be said, it’d be the best to ditch Stegodeus if anything first, as it’s not as useful as Tragodistis or Tryostronix.

Both Tryostronix and Tragodistis has use even on a lategame team. So there is no wrong choice about keeping either of those two.


Trago is better than stegod. Also which uniques. If you’re adding tentorex tryo can be replaced.
If tryko stegod or Trago can be replaced.


I would personally keep both unless you’re making a unique like Trykosaurus or Magnapyritor, in which you could replace Tryostronix, but like someone else said, you may just wanna give up Stegodeus. That’s an amazing looking team btw, I’m jealous (but I’m 189/250 for the Indoraptor, so I’m getting there)
Edit: I just made the Indoraptor!!!

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I’d keep them both and level them up .
Get rid of Indominus , he sucks once you face higher level mongo and Suchotar .


They’re both worthless.
Tryo doesn’t usually live past two hits. If he does, he’s a nightmare, but that happens almost never.
Not on my team, I almost always kill him within two. Have taken him out without giving me ANY damage.


My tryo gets to hit 3 times almost always. Set it up to kill some low HP dino, and get two shots out of what comes next

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In my experience, you are in the minority.
Maybe where he’s maxed out things are different.
Perhaps I’m closer to the OP’s level.


Tryo was a permanent member for a long time and benching at a 27 was hard, but necessary. If APS was API maybe it would work out better. Bigger and better chompers entered the picture. You are close to creating a green chicken and that will change things too. You know where to find me if you need some deino (45k) saved up.

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Indominus out, Utahsino in.
I would leave Stegodeus for now, as you have only two tanks in your team. When you level up Monostego can take place of Stegodeus.

I found Trago at this level just too glassy for a tank in chompers meta. So mine is benched.


Give it a try, unless the next dino is faster (which at 24 speed, there are not many faster dinos) or has instant charge (thor) you will get 3 hits


Tryo actually isnt worthless.
He’s awesome if you can use him right.
That’s how low health dinos go. With immunity, it costs health. With RTC and ferocious, that costs some damage.


I love my Tryo


You should keep both for a balanced team. Offense and defense. Just keep leveling up. And replace Indom with Utasino for more flexibility and speed.


I maxed out my Tryo (my one and only) due to the sheer volume of Bary and he usually makes it to round 3. FS + DSR alone is 4893 without crit. and he presents quite a conundrum to people who use D2/ceratops on whether they want to save him that second round or swap in another victim.

That being said, Trago also holds his own in this meta. I think due to the fact they’re both low on your team they seem weak but if you can get them up to the level of your Indo, you’ll be happy with either/both.

One other thing to keep in mind is availability. I was only able to get Tryo up to 30 due to the fact that Bary’s are like herpes at night… they’re EVERYWHERE!


I usually kill it with Thor.
He was on my team, wasn’t very effective.
Mid level apex.


well yeah, Thor is a good counter to Tryo, but that doesnt mean tryo is useless or bad. every dino has counters.
regarding the “mid level apex” i really dont care about what metahub thinks of the dinos, in the end its just an opinion. i do what’s best for me and my team


Imo, neither, swap out for utasinoraptor, but if u must keep one, i’d say tragod and switch tryo to magna


Well, if you’re not asking for replacements, only which of those two you should invest, I’d say Trago… Tryos never really impressed me even with the buffs, unless its level is very high… Many other heavy hitters do its job better, including that Thor of yours. But when you do make changes, I suggest benching Indominus before any of those two.

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