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Tryostronix: Refresh needs to be Priority!

You know, as someone who uses Tryostronix regularly, I must say it pisses me off that Refresh is meaningless. It literally is only useful in Raids and barely even there. It has no actual use in Arena. I never get to really use it and any time I could use it I can’t. It needs to be a priority move. It literally is not worth regenerating when so many opponents are hitting damage that makes that regeneration meaningless.

Even with boosted attack, it would kill the attack advantage needed of having higher speed. You need speed so you can’t just say boost attack because Tryostronix needs health and speed boosts to be multi-functional in both Arena and Raids.

I want to know what others think. I know not everyone boosts the same and I see most everyone boosting health and attack, but to me you need to have that speed advantage. I think Tryostronix has evolved from revenge killer, especially with Revenge as a feature ability now.

It just feels like Refresh should be priority for longevity in battle. It can still die and wouldn’t be an unfair upgrade at all.


Non-priority Refresh is useful against faster opponents that will be outsped, though that’s useless unless they’re low on health/ your Tryo’s damage is crazy/ your Tryo is set up already.

I’d rather it get Ferocious Strike back, or Group Ferocity Strike (which needs a buff) or Adrenaline Surge or something.


I’m just sick of it being a one hit and die after dinosaur without getting off Rampage against certain opponents like Ardentismaxima depending on the circumstance or only being able to kill one dinosaur. I’ve killed two in the past and luckily it helps with those annoying Monolometrodon. I just want more survivability out of it. I see your point though @Qaw

I think they should change Refresh entirely. First, it doesn’t need to cleanse. Tryo is already immune to most things, and not being able to cleanse distraction balances it. It also shouldn’t heal. You really can’t use non-priority heals in PVP, so it doesn’t heal enough anyway. Now Tryostronix is already pretty fast, so I would change the speedup to ferocity instead to boost it’s attack- probably the standard 50%. Maybe for three turns? Finally, since we removed so much from the move, it should do damage to compensate, probably just a strike would be enough. That sounds a lot better to me.


In all seriousness, while I do sorely miss revenge killer Tryo, I could live with what they’ve done with a few changes. Making Refresh a priority move would help a lot. Alternatively, they could make it heal more. I think the idea was that you would be initially slower than your opponent, then you use Refresh to heal the initial damage and speed yourself up beyond your opponent. Then you get to attack first. But that in itself isn’t really that helpful, and the heal often doesn’t heal up all the damage you took.

Another option could be to add a Ferocity element to Refresh. Tryostronix doesn’t have THAT great of an attack for what it’s supposed to do: it’s basically designed around the assumption that it’s damage would be boosted. But right now it’s only damage boosting option is ready to crush, which often isn’t safe to use. So having an alternative damage boost could be nice too.


One of my favourite Dino. But, significantly weakened by her new kit. I would prefer her old kit i.e. Ferocious Strike (or Ferocious Impact).

Might as well give it Swap-in Ferocity too while you’re at it.

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Refresh is rarely good from my experience using Tryo. The speed boost from it can help in certain scenarios, but you’ll likely die anyway since it’s HP isn’t exactly very high to benefit from an RtC boosted heal.

It’s not even a great move for Raids either since it only heals yourself.

I’d like it to be replaced with Group Ferocious Strike. Then it’d be improved all around, arena and raids. Haven’t really understood why they thought it was necessary to carry up the heal from Postimetrodon, and even then why couldn’t they have opted for the old Adrenaline Surge instead?

I never use refresh because it non priority

Honestly swap-in Ferocity by itself may be just what Tryo needs. It gives it that initial attack boost that it needs to be useful, but since it’s swap-in it wouldn’t affect raids at all.

See I just got to use my Refresh. The opponent swapped our Phorusaura for Trykosaurus and my Trykosaurus hit them, gained speed advantage, but theirs gained advantage after only hitting me with a counter attack. I thought I’d keep it so any way I didn’t I swapped to Tryostronix and took the Defense Shattering Rampage and hit Refresh beforehand so I was able to take it because I got hit with Fierce Strike first! That was key. I then finished it off with my Fierce Rampage. I would’ve been able to kill either even if he swapped out so he left it there. I won, but still I wish I got to use it more. It seems very situational and like a move that’s a waste because you rarely get to use it outside of Raids. I get it’s just yourself, but it was key in my survival once in a Mortem Rex Raid. There are those times where the extra health regeneration in a Raid helps for such a low health dinosaur like Tryostronix.

I like other ideas thrown around as well involving Ferocity. I almost would rather have a thing where the damage output increases with every passing turn so the longer you stay alive the more damage you do. This would also make the opponent cautious about swapping out against it. The whole idea is giving it more survivability. That’s all I want.

Since it increases your speed you can kinda use it like how you would use mutual fury

At least mutual fury gives you the attack boost. All you get is the temporary speed advantage and healing of some of the damage you previously took. The only time this is really useful is when you can win with a normal-attack-level Fierce Rampage but not DSS. And those occasions are especially rare given how low Tryos unboosted attack is.

And it’s only 10% And yes every time I use it I usually am looking at a base damage win or I very rarely have used Ferocity, then Refresh then Rampage.

Exactly. The reason losing ferocious strike is so bad is that Tryo was originally balanced under the assumption that you would be boosting it’s attack, sometimes several times, so it’s base attack is low. Now you’re only damage boosting option is ready to crush, which can be a death sentence if your opponent outspeeds you or has a priority move. So with that as a non-option, Tryo is left with a sub-par attack. AND it can be distracted now, too.

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Yup tryko was my favorite Dino in the game and my first benched when I came back.

Tryo was essentially a poster boy for balanced being able to shine if giving the proper set up but also having weaknesses.

I don’t know if refresh Change is the answer but he needs something right now he comes out and has a strike or does no damage turn 1… his big hit doesn’t shatter shields so it’s easily blocked.

Best part about it is with its old kit it would have been another tryko counter and left max hurt if not a max counter… it’s like tryo was reworked on purpose to take away a counter.

What are you talking about? @Evicton I just took out a Trykosaurus that tried using Instant Invincibility. I’ve never had an issue with shields. Both moves should go right through.