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Tryostronix Useless

Can we PLEASE get ferocious Impact instead of ferocious strike for Tryostronix??? He’d actually be useful that way! Only actual tank eater and he can’t get kill! Plus the Crit is garbage I get more Crits with my 5% Dino’s than I do with Ready to Crunch on am already 20% crit Tryostronix. Really needs to be fixed Ludia.


It’s strong enough. You’re probably just using it wrong if you can’t get a kill with it. Stop starting the match with it and you’ll be fine.


already strong lol, tryostronix is an amazing dinosaur

After my Dino’s been killed I use it to finish off the openers Dino with ferocious strike and kill it then they send out lvl25 stegodeus and I use ready to crunch and then defense shattering rampage and have yet to get a Crit otk. They nerfed the Crit to only activate if it’s a guaranteed kill without Crit. It’s useless now.

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Stop relying on crits then, if you rely on them you don’t deserve to win.


Well, there’s your problem. You’re not powering up when you’re supposed to. You’re wasting an attack and paying the price for it.


Tryostronix is amazing if used right. I love mine and it’s under leveled. I actually just won both my last two matches due to tryo. Just need to work on timing and I would definitely not start with it.

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The tricky thing with Tryostronix is it has to be used right and that means knowing when to use RTC. If you are like me and can’t predict that right most of the time, it may be better for you to power up a different dino to take her place (which is what I’m doing).

I think ready to crush is useful when I face something counter-attacking, after an invincibility shield was put up (and DSI isn’t ready yet) or whenever I can affort to take a hit. But a health buff couldn’t hurt though…

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Absolutely I agree. Me too…

Funny im reading this just now after my 18 tryo just murdered all THREE dinos by himself lol. Sure some luck was involved but his crit is doing just fine. Only use RTC as your very first move AND you are faster. Otherwise use FS and go from there.


I thought he was saying that he used armor piercing strike for the 1st attack. But after re-reading it, I’m wondering why he would use ready to crush after already increasing the attack. Yeah, more attack power is good but Rampage after Ferocious Strike is pretty deadly. I guess that extra crit chance is what’s turning people into gamblers.

Coming from owning a level 27 Tryostronix, he’s an amazing dinosaur

I rarely (basically never) use rtc because timing seems so crucial. What you said makes sense :slight_smile:

Still I believe Tryo should benefit from a speed buff. And a bit higher attack stat.
Tryo has no armor but is slower than Tryko (if I’m not mistaken). Not to mention that Tryko has 2 Rampage moves (again if I’m not mistaken).
Anyhows, any buff to dinos should be welcome. As long as not nerf…:blush:

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Tryko is one of the slowest dinos in this game, only got 102 spd.

Or you actually means…Trago?

I don’t have one (that’s the reason why I pointed out “if I’m not mistaken.”). Now I know that I have mistaken.

Anyhows, it makes sense for Tryko to be slower than Tryo - given the armor.

But I believe that Tryo should get a speed buff and possibly a bit of attack buff.

They need to update the description for Tryko in the game since it says it’s more agile than its hybrid materials but yet it inherited the slow speed of TRex and I definitely don’t see it being all that agile in battles :rofl: The poor thing got tossed around by a level 21 Monomimus today.

hm… IF I were to use RTC and ferocious strike, I’d start with RTC. In case Tryostronix makes it to a third attack, a DSR would be devastating…

I’m still chasing tryo, baryonyx is only level 13, haven’t seen one in months… Sad times. My postimetrodon is level 15 with 600 spare dna waiting