Tryout out the current tournament out, thoughts?

I have started to play this game again so I’m not so up to date with the meta of the Dinos, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Velo and mira are staples. Purru and sarco are also really good. You also want more sia creatures and a good chomper

Hey thanks! What are sia creatures, though?

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Ohh! You’ve missed a lot. You see, some creatures when swapped in are able to activate certain abilities. Notable ones include the ceratopsians, irrit g2, and dimorph. Purru and sarco have a passive called no escape which is basically constant pinning

Say, when did you drop out of the game? Sias aren’t really new😊

I’d add in stego. Its been a wonderful help for me

I dropped out somewhere around update 1.7. That was last year before summer. I know of creatures with swap in ability, I just didn’t know of the acronym sia. :smiley:

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Good to know! I’ll be sure to add it.

I’ve been battling for some time now and I was at rank 1100 and now I’m at 5200 something. :sob:

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You’ll yo yo. There is still plenty of time left for you to get the team that works for you

This is my team. Its working well for me, you’re welcome to take suggestions and make your team according to your style. Screenshot_20200307-043014

I don’t really use swap in creatures, make it more challenging.

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Thanks for sharing your team comp!

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Not a problem. Hope you figure out one that works for your style.

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Ahh got it! I thought you didn’t know what sias were lol