Why is the Trystonix speed at 120 when both the creatures it takes to make it are both 124 speed??? This would greatly improve the usefulness of Trysronix. It just doesn’t make sense why it’s speed would decrease?


It’s just part of the trade-off. Tryox keeps Bary’s damage and health and also gets Posti’s immunity and Ferox Strike but loses little bit of speed.


Yep, it’s crap. It will get beaten everty time facing a same level Postimetrodon.


@Syg you’re right mate. That’s the reason i never evolved my posti into tyrostronix. I also agree… the legendary should be equal to or faster than it’s slowest ingredient dino.

With its ferocious powered rampage, it does have huge bite power… but it’s slow speed and weak health won’t let it live for long much after that unfortunately.


well, I also thought about that.

and I still think it can’t be right.

even gigaspikasaur got better stats
(armor, speed, attack point)
than nodopatosaurus.

but why it’s not?


Thats why triox can beat top tanks of same lvl in 2 turns 100% guaranted and the ingredients not, inmunity is op