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Tsintamoth Group Cleansing Impact

I would like to report a bug in Tsintamoth. Its Group Cleansing Impact doesn’t do group attacks. When I challenged a friend, we were testing it against Coelhaast and when my friend used the group cleansing impact on Coelhaast it was supposed to do 1.5x its base damage. However, it only did hp of one flock which is much less than that. And Tsintamoth’s Group Decelerating Impact works as intended.

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Its like group cleansing strike, it doesn’t target groups, just cleanses the group



As said in the above post, it cleanses the team (in the raid), and the ‘Target: Lowest HP’.
If it was a real group attack like ‘Group Decelarating Impact’, it would’ve had ‘Target: all opponents’ like for flocks.


I see, thank you for your reply.