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Tsintamoth Redesign

Ok… The absolutely LAZY and dreadfully BORING Tsintamoth; How has this not been a main point of topic?
Seriously though, it’s shockingly bad. It has potential to be pretty awesome looking and all they did was give an elephant a hideous and disproportioned head crest along with scales.

Redesign Tsintamoth?
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  • No

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Honestly does seem a bit lazy, but I honestly think its fine. For one we finally get a mammoth hybrid using the mammoth rig, and the other option would have just been a tsintao with fur and tusks, maybe a trunk but idk. So as lazy as I think it is, I think its fine, there are some worse ones imo, like the newborn galli hybrid aqualimimus


This is a good point. We have no Mammoth models except the Mammoth (I’m not sure if Deinotherium uses the Mammoth model? I think it does). I’m definitely a fan of the idea of getting a Mammoth rig hybrid & superhybrid in the game.


Yeah, we only had 2 things using that rig and they weren’t even hybrids, so I’m not too bothered about this


I can agree on a few fronts, getting a Mammoth frame hybrid is neat, just missed the mark in appearance is all, or perhaps they could have picked a better dino to fuse with the Mammoth and still adopt the Mammoth frame. And yeah, I think Aquailamimus is pretty bad too, it’s pink/tan colored hands almost make them look Ape-like.

I AM glad that they FINALLY fused something with the Scutosaurus… And while it looks great, it’s stats leave me wanting, mainly in the Health and Armor side of things. Never really cared for the “Revenge protection” move either.


I actually do kinda agree. It would be nice if its little head horn was a more-substantial sagittal crest, and if the tusks were a little more unique looking. Unfortunately, a change isn’t overly likely at this point. Hopefully, the Unique superhybrid is baller looking :slight_smile:


Well I am not to bother about it since only mamuth and deinotherium use its animation and there is a chance we could get a super hybrid of it, but yeah so parts of the desing are lazy, but if Ludia wants to redesinged it, only would be change to Tsintao animation.

Whose that?

Who’s who?

give it tsinanto animation as a tsinanto with tusk and trunk

i think he reffers me : C

I’m very happy they went with a mammoth/elephant rig instead, even if the actual design is lacking. We have plenty of hadrosaurs, and many more that could potentially be added, but only one elephant rig until 2.8. If they’re going to insist on giving the Woolly Mammoth a third hybrid, it better use the elephant rig.


or even a mammoth with tsinanto head , will be weird but an ambitious move

They might not be able to get rid of the trunk on that model, but yeah that would be super interesting!


I don’t have a problem with tsintaomoths design. It’s good we finally have a mammoth animation hybrid and by looking at it’s stats and abilities he will get a very decent raid creature

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I agree. Although we now need a lot of tsintaosaurus dna to bring him on level 20 and considering that we get a unique for tsintaosaurus as well


Do we get a unique for it? We don’t know the poll results yet, and we may not get some of the choices added to the game (and Tsintamoloch seemed to be the least popular choice). I personally was never a fan of Tsintamoloch anyway, doubly so now that Tsintaosaurus already has a hybrid.

Well they haven’t said what happens to the creatures with the lowest votes so i assume they’re introduce the highest votes first and the lowest in later updates

If at all. I kind of wish they let us do anti-votes, because I don’t really want Tsintamoloch at all.

actually kinda like it

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