Tsintaosaurus (File 31 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur teasers that I wish they would make it to JWTG!

Finally another Hadrosauridae!
Iguanodon and Edmontosaurus will not be alone!
And more will come!
But for now, welcome the Tsintaosaurus!


DNA cost: 1200 DNA
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 227
Damage: 79
Ferocity: 480

Level 20

Health: 388
Damage: 134
Ferocity: 817

Level 30

Health: 592
Damage: 205
Ferocity: 1248

Level 40

Health: 837
Damage: 289
Ferocity: 1762


Inexpensive and with a high attack, the Tsintaosaurus is not a bad creature!
Also I confirm that in Phase 2 he will get a hybrid!
So you’ll have to wait a little longer!
But I think this creature would be interesting to have in the game!
Imagine the level 40 model!
Would you use it?

Do you want this creature added?
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  • No

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
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Tsintaomoth incoming


Animal facts :

  1. Tsintaosaurus is nicknamed the dinosaur unicorn
  2. Tsintaosaurus is a member of the dinosaur family lambeosaurine
  3. Like in many other hadrosaurs the crest was probably used for display
  4. Tsintaosaurus existed with Shantungosaurus. Both probably have been the favorite prey of the Asian tyrannosaur zuchengtyrannus

for some reason i want to make a meme of it because of dimetrodon lvl 40


I hope that at least some creatures concepts made by you are going to be added to the game. I believe that in maybe not so distant future Ludia is going to add cretures that aren’t tournament ones. They have big potential to add new dinos even from jwa.

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and for good news one of the moderators loved his allosino idea and i think its going to be added somewhere in the future


You must know that before Dilophoboa, Deinonychus and Dracoceratops were released I had already made a thread!

In my numerous polls, I can say that 70% of forum users want low-rarity dinosaurs!


10 characters

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Someone watched the gaming beaver as well


They do actually so there is quite big chance that we get more of them in future. But it is important to mantion that these creatures are tournament ones, till now ludia didnt release any of lower rarities creatures. But hey, we can hope still :pray:

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They already confirmed that some of @Tommy_Paoli ideas may appear in the future updates, so there are still chances we are going to see some of these creatures in the game.



I love allosinosaurus too! Its just brown thodor but i like her better to be honest. It’ll be another carnivore hybrid but i still would love to see her in game! :star_struck: