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Tsintaosaurus is the creature of month and don't have hybrid, this is the solution The Tsyntronix

tsyntronix tsyntronix2

Onli chage the damage for 1500 at lvl 26

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In before “Tryostronix is already a superhybrid, so it can’t get a hybrid”, which is true.

I like the general concept, it would be a great raid dino. But the stats are a bit high for a dino with so many ways to increase it’s damage and with so many resistances.


i think baryonyx would be the other component but it wouldn’t make sense anyways considering that 2 non-hybrids can’t make a unique hybrid

welcome to the forums, but if you are considering tsintao+tryostornyx hybrid, that is not possible as tryostornyx is already a superhybrid, but I like the concept, but something else like a baryonyx for the component may be interesting


two non-hybrids can’t make a unique so that’s impossible too, however if we just change its rarity to legendary it can be possible


Or if it was Tsintaosaurus + Baryonyx + Something else

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the name reminds me of TSintaosaurus+ankYNTRosaurus+baryONy(I)X
but again: impossible

The only thing I can think of that would yield a similar result would be Tsintaosaurus + Baryonyx + Postosuchus (it wouldn’t have as good resistances though). The thing is, that’s almost the same as Tryostronix (Baryonyx + Postosuchus + Dimetrodon), so it would kind of be re-treading old ground. But then again, Mammolania and Entelolania are both Meiolania + Mammoth + X, so it’s not unheard of to get something like this. Or they could do something like Tsintaosaurus + Baryonyx + Ophiacodon/Dimetrodon
Gen 2/Secodontosaurus/Edaphosaurus and keep the same resistances.

For the stats, it’s really just the attack that’s a bit too high, but it needs that for healing. Maybe it could keep the same attack, but have Defense Shattering Impact/Group Shattering Impact instead of Group Shattering Rampage? Honestly having that group attack might be too much anyway.

Imagine if it had like an emergency group refresh

Tsintaosaurus can have a hybrid shared with Dsungaia, at least. Then maybe she’ll be worthwhile.