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Tsintomoth, a worthy flock fighter?

Trying to find something that will help deal with the influx of the pestilential flock madness and their ridiculous movesets. Since only 3 things I know of have a group attack I’m wondering if there’s a creature I’m overlooking… anything else good for these things? I’m nowhere near making Thor, but could get Tmoth to 22 right now. At the 3500 to 4500 range flocks run rampant and I see compy 1 and 2, dodo, and dodocevia often.

Anyone find a winning strategy besides going AFK and coming back later?


I rarely face flocks in pvp but in tournaments Indo G2 is my best weapon against those epic compies if you just spam its small attack.


Yeah indo g2 is really good into flocks especially the ones with lower health. However if you can try to get coelhaast it also does really well into all the flocks