Tsk tsk tsk

So I did an experiment. 10 PVP Battles. And I never got to finish it, Ill explain later.

Start: 2628

  1. Win +33 2661
  2. Win +30 2691
  3. Win +32 2723
  4. Timed Out
  5. Timed Out
  6. Lose -34 2689
  7. Lose -30 2659
  8. Win +28 2687
  9. Lose -31 2656

See right there, theres no problem. But, BUT heres the problem: I faced 2 low-lifes, in other words droppers, due to Ludia’s terrible matchmaking
Met this lil team and his nasty unique:
This guy ^^^ is clearly a dropper, I mean look at his Player Lvl, its 20!! I mean come on Ludia why dont you make droppers face each other. :rage:

Other guy. Although this time I beat him.

I censored these guys’ alliances to show respect for them, which I dont think they even deserve. This whole dropping thing makes me sick. I mean Ludia, why dont you just fix the matchmaking to make droppers fight droppers. Im infuriated. I dont even know if I can put up with all of Ludia’s errors anymore… God.

Dude, you won 4 out of 8 battles. I just won 2 out of 30.


I just had a massive loose streak. 1 win out of 8. Not much to most but put me at the bottom end of ruins


He’s level 20 and has 2 decent uniques.
He probably has a full team of 23-25 Uniques and Legendaries and he maybe trying to figure out how to beat match making.
Not to drop, but to rise.
I’m just wondering why he doesn’t have a dracocera.
It makes no sense to intentionally drop with current mechanics.

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